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  1. Dear EverNoters, I am a long-time heavy Evernote user. I use it at work as my Notebook on my Samsung galaxy Note 8.0 I use the stylus with the note's superb handwriting recognition. The main problem is the power drainage due to the screen on feature. My suggestion: Keep the lock prevention function on and add the power saving feature: after few seconds (2-10) of inactivity turn the screen off - but directly and not by locking the screenrevoke in case of touchscreen activity (for the stylus I believe there is also a proximity event) or Bluetooth keyboard inputallow leaving the screen on using proximity, screen touching or by pressing the shift key in the Bluetooth keyboardYou can market that as an ultra power saving function (since the screen off is even quicker than system screen off function) If you do this EN will be perfect for me!!!! Thanks, Avi
  2. Hi, I have the same issue. Since I use my note 8.0 as my work notepad this is really horrible. I think you should leave the screen lock off but you should turn the display off "manually" and not using the OS until the pen is in proximity, there is a screen touch or a Bluetooth keyboard key is pressed. The battery drain is horrible!!!!! This way you can also set improve battery time even more by overriding the system timeout to have it shorter (5 sec) - you can add this to preferences. For anyone using the Evernote as main note taking tool i.e. for meeting minutes (I believe you would like more people to do so) - this is a critical feature!!! When you will have it ready it is a very good promotion feature (extended battery life) Regards, Avi Avi@eyemole.com
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