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  1. Worked! THANKS! The older version might not be as pretty, but it has the advantage of not being annoying on this subject. I didn't knew there was this option. Thank you very much for sharing this tip. Regards, José Eduardo
  2. Hello everyone! I have a quotations list that, from time to time I add new ones. To format it, i used to write a quote, give a return, a dash and a space Now, EVERY time I do this, a tab is given and the dash becomes a bullet. Also, the bullet button on the top, with other tools, becomes green, as if there was some kind of "auto bullet" when this sequence of keys is done. I've already tried aom combinations to see if it turns itself off, with no success. I'm really hating this... You can see on the image that, between the firs bullets, an old and loved style "dash and spac
  3. I hope you fix this and other issues like: - sync before quit (it was put off on the last "update") - return of the check box at login that asks if you want to stay logged or not. This, way, we get back auto log out on quit. It could be an option on preferences, for exemple. This, also, was deleted on the last "update". There's a topic on this I've started weeks ago. Please, instead of creating amazing new features nobody wants or use, focus on improving performance. Microsoft's Word went up to weight more than 350MB. A word processor! Microsoft detected this and Word now has 57MB, is mu
  4. I believe Evernote - the app - became so complex that nobody at Evernote - the company - understands it anymore. The latest issues they screwed on the Mac version are: - sync before quitting - if you edit and quit, now it'll not be synched. Before the actual version 6, it would sync, then quit. Nobody at Evernote noticed this... - "don't remember your login" option when you login so, when you quit and another person opens Evernote he will have to login with their login. Your data was not exposed to curious people. On the latest update, this feature was killed. So, if you don't log out, you
  5. Hi Scott, there's another topic in this Forum where a guy from Evernote explained how it works. When you install the extension, a "flag" (that's how he called it) is installed. Its function is to open that page after the extension is installed. It will open only once if you nerver clean you website data - probably your case. BUT should you, me or anybody else in the world clean the webside data from your browser, the "flag" thinks it has not opened the page, so it opens it again after you clean it. That's bad design, the guy who did it did not put enough thinking into this job. It's just a
  6. Hi Scott, it doesn't have to do with my system being beta or not. It happens on OSX 10.9X also. It has to do with cleaning history and website data, something I do very often so my HD doesn't get stuffed with data it's not using. Also, others use this computer so I like to keep my surfing private. Anyway, after cleaning history and website data the annoying "flag" Evernote created to its extension comes to life again as you open your browser (any). Imagine if every application I have on this computer have the same amazing idea... I'll spend the day closing tabs instead of working. I believe Ev
  7. You must realise NOBODY asked Evernote to do this. If the amazing team of programmers created this, may I suggest that, after it appears ONCE it self deletes itself? Why can Evernote create a thing that's so annoying to many users and find it useful??? I'm impressed that since 2013 the Evernote team has been unable to find a cure for this disease... May I create a "flag" that will direct EVERY browser on Evernote offices worldwide to go to an idiot page every tome they're open? This way you'll experience how nice it is to have someone ***** things for you without advice or even permission.
  8. I love and use Evernote almost daily. BUT since you began showing this annoying page every time I open Safari, I'm about to send Evernote to a far and far away place, being very educated... Since you created the annoying thing, give me the cure for it, will you? I've already disabled Evernote Web Clipper, but to no good. This damn page keeps on opening over my home page when I open Safari. So, what's the solution, Evernote team? OSX Yosemite, Safari 8.0
  9. Evernote is making me hate them since they created this amazing annoying thing: when I open Safari this damn pages opens over my home page. Is there an effective way to stop this annoying thing from happening? I've already turned off this extension and it did not help. Triple damn!! People from Evernote, this is NOT doing ANY good to you.
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