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  1. Simple: I noticed only when I had no cellular signal nor wifi on my iPhone, which is very rare. I went to open Evernote end an error message appeared. As I mentioned, on my wifi only iPad2, I was able to access Evernote on the streets. I really do not believe on Mr Bankrobber's theory that this was by accident and at the iOS mercy. If so, how come they would be synched after alterations?? Bs. This was on 2011. Today I have an iPad Air but there's wifi signal on so many places where I use it that I never noticed. And I wasn't drunk by that time ;-)
  2. Yes, I need to stop drinking before coming here to complain about things I'm wondering they existed... I'm not going to enter again on the point of someone from Evernote stating that since things are on my computer any hacker can access it. You know what I mean and it's not this. I'm also not going to pay for things that were free. Thanks for being so helpful, Mr. Bankrobber...
  3. Excuse me, Mr Bankrobber, but: - when I began using Evernote yes, I could access it offline with my basic and free account, make adjustments to my documents and, when I connected my wi-fi only iPad to a wi-fi network, it would sync and I would be able to access the changed documents on my iMac and my iPhone. It was a great feature that made me choose Evernote instead of other similar apps. AND it was FREE! Now it must be paid. Unfair part I... - maybe you don't know also, but Evernote used to have a checkbox feature that allowed you to keep it logged in your account OR NOT. This way, you could access you account on any computer in the world and, just by leaving the checkbox unchecked, when you quit Evernote, it would automatically log out from that account and, to access it again, you would need the password for it. Today, you have to log out, then quit. Otherwise Evernote will keep logged to that account and anyone will have access to it! Simple as that. I believe this fits as an access security feature, doesn't? It was also free. Now, password is a paid feature. Unfair, part II... Maybe you're a relatively new user, one that hasn't been using Evernote from the beginning, one that doesn't use Mac OS X or iOS, so you haven't got these features for free and don't know they existed and were changed for Evernote's profit. In this forum there are many topics relating to this, specially the logged checkbox, should you doubt what I'm saying. My best
  4. Hi, my account is a basic one. About a year ago I could have my data protected by a password and I could access my data offline. - Today, if I don't log out after accusing my data, it is open to curious eyes to anyone who has access to my computer, iPad or iPhone. - Today, inside the supermarket, when data access is weak, I cannot access my recipes to check what I have to buy. What's such an app worth for? Why must I keep it since its objective, now, is to make me give them money by CUTTING functions that were free and useful, instead of improving the app in a way that was so great I might want to spend money on it? That's not the way I believe business relations should be made. Guess it's time to start looking for alternatives. José Eduardo R Azevedo
  5. MelissaAud, I'm impressed by how Evernote ignores this request and is also blind to its consumer needs. There's been many updates since I began this topic and we haven't seen ANY light at the end of the tunnel. I doubt there'll be. It's so obvious that that was a useful privacy feature and the checkbox allowed those who needed it to use it and those who didn't care not to. Why discard it remains a mystery. Maybe they'll ask us to buy it... Really, really bad move, Evernote
  6. I hope you fix this and other issues like: - sync before quit (it was put off on the last "update") - return of the check box at login that asks if you want to stay logged or not. This, way, we get back auto log out on quit. It could be an option on preferences, for exemple. This, also, was deleted on the last "update". There's a topic on this I've started weeks ago. Please, instead of creating amazing new features nobody wants or use, focus on improving performance. Microsoft's Word went up to weight more than 350MB. A word processor! Microsoft detected this and Word now has 57MB, is much faster and better to use. I began using Evernote to save notes, and quick texts like that and have them synchronised on my Mac, iPhone and iPad. I suggest if you want it to be an all everything app to dominate the world - I state this because of the latest "updates" with new features I believe most users will never used - instead of transforming Evernote in a monster, release new apps or "add-ons" that those who want install, those who don't, keep Evernote streamlined, light and bug less.
  7. Gentleman, I believe Mr Scott is trying to make his point of view stand over the others instead of watch the whole and see what's better for the situation. A software is supposedly developed to give you solutions, not problems. Evernote created a problem on its last update. And I'm not the only one unhappy with this. Check Apple App Store for the Mac and it has only two stars, despite being deeply promoted. Remember Word, from Microsoft? It began life as a simple word processor and ended up trying to be the new master of life. Microsoft saw this, reduced its size, improved speed, stopped adding idiot features and Word became a fast and nice word processor again. Evernote is full of features and new features I don't even care to take a look at because they deviate from its origin: a nice environment to organize notes and data. Its latest new feature is some kind of Messenger/Whatsapp called Work Chat. We have iMessage, Facetime, Messenger, Whatsapp, phones, e-mail, Skype, Facebook, Facebook Messenger... Does the world needs an Evernote Work Chat? What for? Why? Evernote needs to bring focus back on what is useful for its users, on how they use Evernote and on improving this, the usability and the pleasure users have when achieving what they want with no thrills. We don't need a re-invention of e-mail, a recreation of Facetime/Skype, new letters on the alphabet, more amazing new numbers o a new layout for keyboards, all much better than the actual ones we've been using since ever. On this small post we can see what users - except Scott - want: a software that doesn't get between what you and what you want, and that helps you on achieving what you want. The person who deleted these two features should be returned to the lower point of the hierarchy, in my opinion
  8. Scott, I just don't want my kids or anyone to enter Evernote and erase data that I stored there. This was easily done the old way and all that was needed was a password. Now you need to remember to log out and sync before quitting. This is not an improvement, an evolution of the software. If you want to keep your data safe from the NSA, use paper. And burn it after use.
  9. I believe Evernote - the app - became so complex that nobody at Evernote - the company - understands it anymore. The latest issues they screwed on the Mac version are: - sync before quitting - if you edit and quit, now it'll not be synched. Before the actual version 6, it would sync, then quit. Nobody at Evernote noticed this... - "don't remember your login" option when you login so, when you quit and another person opens Evernote he will have to login with their login. Your data was not exposed to curious people. On the latest update, this feature was killed. So, if you don't log out, your data is accessible to anyone, from kids that like to play with daddy's computer to curious people. I opened a topic on this and a guy from Evernote, who's been using it for four years (!!!) told me he never heard about them... Wow! I wonder what's he doing there... I can't understand why companies, in the name of frequent "upgrades", actually downgrade their softwares. Sounds so dumb to me. This is what makes me begin to look to alternatives. This damn web clipper was deleted from both my iMac and MacBook because it was SO annoying. And people from Evernote keep telling me the most nonsense suggestions for a possible solution to a bad programming. The good software is the one that doesn't stand between you and what you want to do. Evernote, more and more, is doing their best to always be noted...
  10. That's right, rbianchi. I don't know why some software companies change some basic things that simply work. I was really surprised with this from Evernote. Instead of simplifying, they create another click, just one more amazing feature you'll never use, and all that. Sync when quit is another example. I believe people feel the need to change something. Sometimes that's the worst that can be done.
  11. Hi, before the last update (actual version 6.0), when I quit Evernote it used to automatically log me out. Now, if I don't want others to enter my Evernote, I have to log out first then quit it. I don't think this is very clever, specially in some offices or in other places where you sometimes shre your computer with others, or others may access it during lunch hours, for example. If you don't know this "new feature", your data may be exposed to curious people. Maybe you could include an option for logging out when quitting on preferences so, those like me to prefer the old way can use it and those who prefer the new way will still be happy. As I see it, "sync before quitting" is also gone! It makes no sense if the edited data is not available everywhere... People are humans. We forget things we want software to help us not give us more things to remember, specially when we didn't had to. These changes doesn't make too much sense to me but the better way is to give us the option to embrace them or not on preferences. Let me customise Evernote to my needs and taste. By the way, the new look is much better. Thanks, José Eduardo
  12. Hi, before the last update, when I quit Evernote it used to automatically log me out. Now, if I don't want others to enter my Evernote, I have to log out first then quit it. I don't think this is very clever, specially in some offices or in other places where you sometimes shre your computer with others, or others may access it during lunch hours, for example. If you don't know this "new feature", your data may be exposed to curious people. Maybe you could include an option for logging out when quitting on preferences so, those like me to prefer the old way can use it and those who prefer the new way will still be happy. Thanks, José Eduardo
  13. Hi Scott, there's another topic in this Forum where a guy from Evernote explained how it works. When you install the extension, a "flag" (that's how he called it) is installed. Its function is to open that page after the extension is installed. It will open only once if you nerver clean you website data - probably your case. BUT should you, me or anybody else in the world clean the webside data from your browser, the "flag" thinks it has not opened the page, so it opens it again after you clean it. That's bad design, the guy who did it did not put enough thinking into this job. It's just a design flaw. Like was the antenna of the iPhone 4, which, depending on how you handled the phone, would lose signal. Or the iPhone 6 Plus structure, which bends near the volume buttons if you use it on your rear pocket and sit on it sometimes. Or the batteries of the Boeing 787, which were prone to fire because designers didn't consider a plastic plane doesn't dissipate heat like an aluminium one. Bad design happens everywhere. I think we have the right to point to it so, if someone looks at it, maybe it gets fixed.
  14. Hi Scott, it doesn't have to do with my system being beta or not. It happens on OSX 10.9X also. It has to do with cleaning history and website data, something I do very often so my HD doesn't get stuffed with data it's not using. Also, others use this computer so I like to keep my surfing private. Anyway, after cleaning history and website data the annoying "flag" Evernote created to its extension comes to life again as you open your browser (any). Imagine if every application I have on this computer have the same amazing idea... I'll spend the day closing tabs instead of working. I believe Evernote DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THIS AND should have created something that appeared ONCE and then is gone FOREVER. Or, at least put an on/off button for the annoying page. Can't be that hard even for a so so programmer. It only shows their lack of capacity or intention to do so. As a result, I have an annoying piece of bad written code bothering me every time I decide to work the way I've always worked. I can't agree with this kind of "cleverness". Their marketing department shouldn't also, because it's not doing ANY good to Evernote's image. Check other posts on the web or this forum and you'll see.
  15. You must realise NOBODY asked Evernote to do this. If the amazing team of programmers created this, may I suggest that, after it appears ONCE it self deletes itself? Why can Evernote create a thing that's so annoying to many users and find it useful??? I'm impressed that since 2013 the Evernote team has been unable to find a cure for this disease... May I create a "flag" that will direct EVERY browser on Evernote offices worldwide to go to an idiot page every tome they're open? This way you'll experience how nice it is to have someone ***** things for you without advice or even permission.
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