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  1. Just kidding about the "go away" part in the profile photo...

  2. @JMichael - thanks for the suggestion.. I was looking at those type of things for awhile but it's mostly places to put our project notes, workflows and process documentations. (I have in the past looked at 5pm, basecamp, fengoffice, glasscubes, goplay, podio, smartsheets, teambox, and teamlab). It's a team of 3 and they weren't interested in anything that in depth. But I want us to all be able see the same stuff - hence the EB Business thought. EDIT: Apparently I thought I was posting a little farther back in the thread so apologies if this seems out of the current context of the thre
  3. I'm investigating this now and it doesn't seem to be very easy to have OneNote for a team within an organization. It would seem that I can create a shared notebook and invite people to it - the notebook *can* live on the network but in order for all of us to see it everywhere then it has to be on OneNote Online which is somehow apparently a part of OneDrive for which an individual has 15GB storage, but why should my work notebook and my personal workbooks share storage space? Then there is the issue of sharing - people don't need a Windows Live ID but they can use one - not sure how that w
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