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  1. Jmichael, thank you. How could I be working on my online banking and doing work on my computer via internet if my computer/network wasn't working? I don't get it. Are you working on a PC windows 8.1 too besides your EN MAc, EN Iphone? EN DOES work through my android phone and it uses the same internet connection that I am using to talk to you from my computer. EN DOES NOT work on my computer (only on my windows 8.1 pc). And JUST from today. Crapping out bit by bit: first one account then both then not being able to log on to EN web either. It's been a progression. Maybe I didn't understand what you mean when you say it might be My computer/network.
  2. Thank you, maybe tomorrow. The support Ticket is not responding either. Something is wrong with them today. However I tried switching between users on my Android phone and it works. It all syncs. It's just web EN and the EN software on the computer that have a problem. (I have one more post left for today).
  3. The password is the same one for both accounts. The problem only appears today. I don't know whether to relate it to the fact that I am using windows 8.1. Until yesterday the syncing was working on one of the two accounts on Windows 8.1. I only tried to flip to my other account today and it doesn't work. I never had problems syncing both accounts (that use same password) until a week ago on Imac. Why should it be a password problem? And just on windows 8.1? Today I am using Chrome, the world's largest browser and their web site doesn't work The bug, I'm ready to believe, is liable to Evernote.
  4. Thank you for your advice. Yes I have two accounts and only one of them is refusing to sync. I just uninstalled evernote with Revo, then I ran Ccleaner, I reinstalled IE 11, downloaded EN latest software and restarted my computer. Nothing works. Also EN Web is not connecting. Anyone from their support team who will innocently ask if I have checked that my connection is working, I would suggest to come up with a different question....
  5. Hello, I am running two evernote accounts and presently working on a windows 8.1 computer. One of my two accounts (I am not a premium user so I log in and out of accounts to manage them) fails to sync. With the account that is failing to sync I can only work on Evernote web, today, and not without some connection problems that manifest only with the evernote web site. Is anyone experiencing similar syncing problems? I also manage both accounts from a Mac book and an IMac via software and not EN web, and never have a problem with the syncing. Syncing problem only appears here on windows 8.1 . Please help.
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