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  1. DONE! But, looks like I'm only #2 so doubt it's going to get love any time soon.
  2. +1 late 2017, sometimes I wonder why I re-upped. And, btw, I can only see 17, no idea how many I have in total. But, the problem just started and is still there after deleting 4 saved searches. Not making a lot of sense.
  3. TWO OR THREE NEXT UPDATES? In other words, don't hold our breaths. And given how long we've already waited, it could slip into the next FOUR OR FIVE. This is just ridiculous.
  4. Agreed . The built-in annotator is almost never useful to me and the Preview hoops are a constant source of frustration and misery. I would happily continue to pay the premium fee if this were fixed, but at this point I'm starting to look at other solutions.
  5. Hmmm, that makes sense, it's more of an edit. Which I used to be able to do smoothly without the workaround. Ok, so I just tried it so I could be specific and I see I am specifically an idiot. Seems to be working fine. And honestly, here at the tail end of a two-week flu, I don't know if it happened before and stopped now or if I just imagined the whole thing, my frustration with the pdf workaround being so high. Sorry!
  6. I have the same problem with Numbers spreadsheets - and they can't be annotated within EN as far as I can see. Everyone here is talking about pdfs - which also drives me crazy, but less so - is Numbers a separate issue or is it all annotations? Like others, the annotation feature is mostly why I pay for premium.
  7. Ok, guess that'll work for now. Sure will be nice when it's fixed! Thanks. :-)
  8. Hate to sound like an idiot, but what does it mean to "upload" the pdf back into the note? Is there a better way than saving it as a copy then dragging it from the finder over the original? It worked, but what a pain. And I guess as you annotate more and more, it will keep adding add'l "copy(s)" to the filename each time. Unless you want to rename it each time. Ugh.
  9. It's now October 26 and I'm having the same problem. Really wrecks my workflow totally.
  10. +1 here, too. Only been using EN since March and already have over 1K notes. It's a lot of brain drain to have to see dead stuff when scanning.
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