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  1. Ahh cool. Just to know it is a bug that's been fixed is enough for me. I'll wait patiently. Thanks for the hard work.
  2. I have a large image I zoom in on. I then place a stamp (all good). If i then click on a stamp and fill in the text (all good). If i then pick up the stamp and reposition it, Bam i'm zoomed all the way out of the image. It's just annoying once i've picked the zoom level i want to work at that Skitch is changing it. Is there a way to stop this happening?
  3. I have 2 images i'm working on. They are sent to me from the same person. They have similar total pixels. But the stamps are coming out at 2 very different sizes. The stamp sizes aren't truly random. The stamps are always small on image 1. The stamps are always HUMONGOUS on image 2. I have no idea what's different. The change tool size option does exactly nothing to change the size of the tools. Any pointers here would be great, thank you.
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