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  1. Well now... interesting email just received:! “Perrin M. (Evernote Help and Learning) Sep 3, 2020, 3:01 PM PDT Hello Richard, I just found out that the issue you've reported about Scannable not saving scans to the camera roll is a known issue that our developers are currently investigating. At the moment, I don't have a time or date on when this will be resolved.“ Guess they’re busy if it takes a week And four emails to tell you that it’s a known issue. At least now I know I’m not unique!
  2. Sorry. I was on thread that I have been on for a while. it was about Scannable not saving to Camera Roll... I will start a new thread if I ever get a fix...
  3. So, I have had a ticket open with Evernote for a week, and I get asked questions I answered in my initial request for support [I did send along the blue screenshot]. I sent them a log file but I guess they couldn't come up with any answers-because now I got moved up to Tech support who "will get back to you"... I thought I was there already 🤷‍♂️
  4. So... I got on the phone with Apple Support, and he went through my iPad [ so I could talk on my iPhone while conversing] After checking all my cloud settings and "Resetting" my iPad, it's still doing the same thing. His next suggestion was to restore my iPad from a backup, but that would do nothing as my iPhone still does the same thing... He concluded it was a Scannable problem. Maybe I can get a log file to them and they will have an idea what's going on. Scannable has setup many albums and directories on my iMac [after perusing around]. I would think it should setup ON
  5. Looked at the log file, but didn’t think to send it to Apple. I was contemplating sending it to Evernote- maybe a developer would have a better idea.
  6. Thanks for that... always good to compare. I did have my " Photo Stream" on which I switched off and tried it. It created another album on my iMac with "0" photos; and my screen and never-ending circle rotation are still there. I save same capture to Evernote and it took a fraction of a second. Worth a try- Thanks! I also see that Apple has switched gears a few times with names: I have an iPhoto Library, a Photos Library, and a PhotoBooth Library. Hmm, Me thinks delving into this seemingly redundant situation is in order.
  7. Thanks! I have plenty of "work around" ways. Scannable worked for many years for me, and for it to just up and quit with the camera roll is baffling. It is trying to get through the cloud to my iMac, because I just found a couple of dozen "Scannable" albums. I deleted them all ["0" photos in each] and every time I go to save something from Scannable to "Camera Roll" it creates another folder under my albums in my iMac!!!. THAT'S INTERESTING!! "The game is afoot!"
  8. I would think so. i save fine to Evernote, and changed in settings “auto” to both other options. (Image & PDF). Same thing. thanks. embarrassing also : I was showing Scannable to someone and it wouldn’t save to Photos!
  9. Yes to “Allow Scannable to use camera” & “ Photos- Read and write”. Don’t have option for “camera roll- read and write”. As I said- I’ve been using scannable for years and this is on my iPad and iPhone 8 that it does the same thing. When I tap to “save” and then “camera roll” I get blue screen and rotating circle saying “saving image to camera roll”. Forever! Never saves! See attached: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0FqCzxYMLAABdcC9xpPOjWSoQ#Southeast Thanks for any help. Thanks for any help. IMG_3565.MOV
  10. Didn’t help! No answers addressed problem directly after hours of searching. Scannable was, for years, saving scanned photos in “camera roll” , but now doesn’t! On iPad Air and iPhone 8. No problem saving to Evernote. I did reinstall Scannable and deleted the data. Any clues? thanks
  11. Same problem Sept.2014, although it just started for me. Have latest updates on iPad. Seems like it's a setting that was changed, but I don't have any idea how to undo. My son has same iPad, no problem!
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