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  1. I would agree it is a poor decision to buy a NAS simply as a replacement for Evernote but that is not the reason most people buy a NAS. People buy NAS's for a number of reasons besides note taking and updateing hardware every 3-5 years is pretty standard practive as technology evolves. Besides, NoteStation is not tied to the hardware. The data exists in a database which is stored on your drives and should be easily moved to your new NAS. I imagine at some point you might even be able to access your NoteStation notes outside of the NAS environment allowing you too move your data. Who knows.
  2. Ya know what? DSM 5.1 has expanded on Cloud Sync too. Why not create a sync with Evernote? Done!
  3. I thought the same thing when I first saw it. Looks very much like Evernote but I think it might be missing some bells and whistles. I get the concept of keeping things on a personal cloud and I get the argument that a service like Evernote may someday be shutdown and then what but of course you could always argue that my NAS could burn up in a fire or there be a prolonged power outage which pretty much leaves you stranded unless you data is up in the cloud. Regardless, Note Station seems to be a potential alternative.
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