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  1. Hi Jeff. As this specific feature would be critical for me, I'll attempt an honest explanation, however it won't be brief. The brief version is as the title of this thread requests namely to implement a "Feature Request: Tag Inheritance". The reason being that I wan't to "Organize my notes into a static structure based on tags". What I want to do is organise my Evernotes into some logical structure so that I can write a chapter, article etc about those particular notes. There are a number of discussions on this forum and elsewhere on how to organise one's notes, either according to tags or notebooks, and how to use Evernote in one's writing or research workflow. Because of its flexibility, Evernote allows one to capture almost anything. This flexibility is however also its downfall, in that it becomes difficult to organize a lot of things according to a specific structure. Let me explain. Even though it has powerful search features, I use the Tagging feature to provide a visual overview of notes, whereas the notes stacks only allow 2 levels, parent and child, but when selecting the parent stack, it displays all the notes in the parent and child stack. However, when one organizes Evernotes using tags, only the notes in the specific tag selected will display at any given time. So the feature should allow: 1. one to either right click on the tag, and select "display child notes OR View all sub-notes" instead of just the notes in the selected tag.<Image1.gif>, or 2. do a query as indicated before to retrieve a parent and all children note for a particular tag e.g. +Tag:MyTags, and/or 3. have a new Tools/Options/Tags Tab with a flag set in to always/never display child notes, or a flag on each tag hierarchy as the ultimate solution. 4. In reverse, one should be able to select the tag in a note (or right click), and Evernote should put the active or focus tag on the tag hierarchy on the left panel (if tags are visible), i.e. add Focus to the following list.. <Image2.gif>, i.e. keep the selected tag, and tag browser in sync. Most things in life are structured, and most people like to structure things according to their needs. In Evernote, it is however very difficult to structure or pin things down, without the ability to sort or display notes according to one's own ordering. This is a necessary feature in order to develop an outline, a story, or of browsing one's notes according to one's tag structure e.g. Cooking-->Asian-->Chinese-->Noodles OR State-->County-->City-->Suburb--Restaurant-->Chinese--Noodles. Because the note itself contains the essential information that one is seeking, some of these tags could merely be placeholders to aid in organization, i.e. have no notes in them. Yet, one still needs to see the notes below them. The need is therefore as the title suggests for "Feature Request: Tag Inheritance" as well as per other discussions on this forum e.g. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15173-shouldnt-selecting-a-parent-tag-search-child-tags/page-3 and https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/46901-feature-request-tag-inheritance/?locale=en and https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50676-feature-suggestion-option-for-nested-tags-to-filter-by-parent-tag/. The need is so explicit, that one user developed an app around it called Taggy https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/taggy-for-evernote/id430517286 This workaround however significantly multiplies the number of tags in a note, making it very difficult to keep track of visually. Using Evernotes' analogy http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/02/04/evernote-search-gets-more-powerful-with-descriptive-search/ "Imagine walking up to a bookshelf in your home." You are looking for say five books that you arranged according to your research. Every time you get there however, your children have rearranged all your books, either according to date, date last read, title, author, subject or whatever. "If you don’t know where the book sits, then you’ll try to recall the color of its spine, neighboring books, chronological placement, or any number of other attributes of the book until you find what you need." You may remember one or two titles of those that you sorted, but not all five. Evernote Search feature ain't gonna help here, not even Regular Expression searching. It's a bit like hitting a moving target. In conclusion, without this feature of creating a suitable tags as placeholders for notes, in sequence, under a specific tag hierarchy, it becomes pretty much impossible to create a structured account of one's notes in Evernote, especially with a number of one to many relationships or even many-to-many relationships that tags could offer, and it necessitates leaving the Evernote environment (exporting notes) for another more writing/structuring-friendly environment such as Scrivener, which allows one to create a static version of one's notes, move notes around, and click on a parent folder to display all the child notes. In the short term, this is an annoyance, as one cannot easily round-trip ones notes this way and keep the metadata; and in the long term, it is a deal-breaker which will drive me to explore other alternatives. I hope I am still not barking up the wrong tree, and that someone EverNote(ices) this request and includes this feature in Evernote before my project due date. Thanx for understanding. Walter P.S> If someone can let me know how to upload images to this forum, I'll upload the screenclips I made.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if this feature is implemented yet, but it is hampering me in my research project. I don't know if I'm barking up the wrong tree, but here goes. As far as I am aware, Evernote tag hierarchy's are just visual representations, with no underlying functionality of retrieval. The concept of hierarchy's i.e. children, parents, siblings etc. are a well understood concept in software development, and is not too difficult to implement. Thanks to my SD manager of 15+ years ago, we used Directed Asyclic Graphs to develop tree structures in mobile apps. See http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/22824/A-Model-to-Represent-Directed-Acyclic-Graphs-DAG-o for a similar explanation and implementation. From a UI perspective, one can either enable this function through Tools/Options/Tags tab, allowing the current option, i.e. don't show children, or to enable to show children when clicking on notes/Tags. From a tag browsing perspective, there should of course be the options to search or display tag siblings, parents or children. For now, even the basic option of a tag search to show children too (+tag:MyTag as outlined by previous post) or a simple option switch to display children when clicking on tags will be a great help, if it is not too much to ask. Thanx.
  3. Feature Request: That the tags on windows clients are not removed from the note when it is Trash(ed), so that when items are restored that the tags remain? The notes however should remain unsearchable by tags or otherwise when in trash.
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