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  1. I also have a problem with copy/paste. Evernote won't paste if there is an ampersand in the clipboard… If I copy something then without an ampersand, Evernote will manage to paste but only after the second attempt. Are you coding with feet ? Each new version of Evernote = new problems
  2. Hi, what about issues with Applescript ? Because of this problem, I'm considering giving up Evernote (I'm a premium user). I started with version 3 or 4, your app was just smooth. Now it's just a pain using it normally. Last bug in 6.0.4 : Searching in notes doesn't work anymore. I don't even want to upgrade to 6.0.5 when I see all the new issues.
  3. Is it perhaps an OS X Version Issue? I am running 10.7.5 It works for me on 10.9.5
  4. Hi, it seems Spotlight only indexes notes that have been modified. I tried to reimport Evernote notes manually in spotlight but it didn't index every notes. They show up immediately after modifiying/syncing them though.
  5. Hi, thanks for this new beta. Have the broken applescript commands (i.e. "append"…) been repaired in this new beta ? Or will it be soon ?
  6. Hi, I have a problem when the mac is offline. Evernote asks to sync with an annoying alert dialog and app jumping in the dock. The dialog says "You're not connected. You must be connected to sync with Evernote". Of course I don't ask for syncing. If I say ok in the dialog box, the alert still appears randomly. It appears when there is a note waiting to be synced (with the blue and white arrow in the corner of the note). I set the "syncing note" setting to sync every 5 minutes. I have to put it in manual syncing not to be annoyed…
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