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  1. Beecher has it as well. Evernote grabber is nowhere near as versatile as snagit. As Beecher confirmed, it worked before and now fails. Canwe get a committ to fix this. Evernote User for over 15 yrs Kamflam
  2. Nope. Here we are in Jun 2018. a simple snagit clip does copy and paste into Evernote However a composite snagit clip (combining two or more snagit images) does not paste into Evernote. It does paste happily into Word or WordPad or Outlook or.......... My workaround is to have Wordpad open. Paste it in there. Take another Snagit clip and then paste it into Evernote. Ugly..but if there is another way...let me know
  3. I just noticed this myself...but i have the issue only when the snagit clip is a composite of more than 1 clip. If i take a snag and then paste it (ctrl-V) into Evernote, it works fine. If i take a second snag clip and add it to the first, then FLATTEN ALL, then COPY and Paste into Evernote, i get nothing. I'm Win10 Enterprise 1709. It all worked great on an earlier version of Windows ...actually Win7 Ent. I will see if a workmate has a similar issue.
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