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  1. That's exactly how I feel. I also used to think Evernote was great and postively affected my life. I find that I am using it less and less because I don't trust it anymore. I realize now that a time my come when I lose access to my documents. Already I can't scan things into the new evernote and no longer can use the search function on the legacy version. It's an awful situation.
  2. I'm thinking of moving to OneNote too. The new Evernote is just AWFUL. So many features have been disabled, my Evernote scanner no longer works with it, one has to constantly be connected to the internet to use many of the notes. It's a mess! I've tried working with Evernote support and they've been of very little use. I used to LOVE Evernote and recommended it to everyone I knew and even paid for all my kids to use Premium. I would not recommend it any more. It's that bad!
  3. I tried. Apparently it's only for an OS that isn't compatible with mine. I'm kind of stuck. That's why I'm so MISERABLE.
  4. 10.8.5 I believe. Updated on my computer. More bad news. My ScanSnap for Evernote is no longer compatible. Now I can't scan in any new documents either. Evernote is practically useless to me right now. It's a mess. I'm a very unhappy person. I used to LOVE Evernote. Now I'm miserable.
  5. The new version of Evernote is awful. It's slow. Nothing works. DON'T be a fool and be talked into to upgrading!
  6. I just updated today to the "new evernote." All the scans that were PDF's yesterday are not anymore. So much for boosting my productivity!!!!!!!! Do Not be a fool and upgrade to this new Evernote! It's awful!!!!!!!!
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