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  1. HELP Christian Bible College Needs Your Help >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks for taking the time to respond you are greatly appreciated. If you look at the screen shot you will notice that I created a note on 8-24-2015 all the information is visible on the left hand side but not in the window. I looked at the web version and everything is there. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same problem. I can not read the notes. They do not come up in the window I have the business version and ever-note technical support does not reply. Any guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Help.
  2. Evernote Version: is not working ? With the last version all my notes were visible. Now they are not. Please look at the attached file. It will show my file on the left hand side but it will not come up in the window. I can click on it twice and the info will come up but it will not allow me to copy or paste it. The window is blank and says . Just drag files or start typing. This file was previously available but now it is not. Emailed Evenote for help and received no reply. Please help thanks.
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