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  1. Well I certainly stoked up an interesting discussion didn't I? Anyway, apologies to BNF for being a bit harsh to start off with - as you can probably tell, I've got to that stage in my life that I need things that work: don't have the time to mess around. Which is why this thread has been really helpful - thanks to everyone that contributed. I basically had my suspicions about Evernote confirmed, most particularly by the fact that BNF doesn't use it either any more! Great, just what I needed - not that it's helped me that much simply because I'm now using One Note (as noted earlier) and finding it to be the typical poorly-designed Microsoft product. But at least it's part of my Office suite so that's a bit easier for me to use even if I don't get some of the functionality of EN or other products. Referring to imagenomad's link to the Springpad story, this is a big reason why I've decided it's better to stick to One Note and not go, for example, the Intellinote route. The latter seems to be pretty good, but if it's going to collapse like SP apparently did, then the risk is too great. And as I said I just don't have the time to learn yet another package, or - worse - lose any data I might have on their server. Anyway, everybody, many thanks for your input - highly appreciated. And to Evernote? ....... Bye!!!!!
  2. Too late - I've gone back to One Note and am trying Intellinote as well. However, whatever you say, it didn't do it on my Android smartphone which is where I really needed it - sorry, but it wasn't there. Anyway I've removed Evernote from both laptop and Android and never will bother with it again. Cheers
  3. This is a response to BurgersNFries. I want you to know that with your arrogant replies to posters in this thread you have single handedly made me decide to look elsewhere for software other than Evernote. Why? Well all I wanted to do was to create some reminders and then sort them by the date they were due to occur, which seems totally impossible in this **** software. You would have thought that any imbecile could have worked out that people would have liked to do that. Well judging by your responses to others quite valid questions this would seem unlikely to happen, so I'm taking myself off from Evernote if you're the standard of person that uses it. If it's your life then I think you need to get one.......
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