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  1. Yup. We heard you loud and clear and this will be fixed in 6.3. If you want to fix it now you can download our 6.3 beta and read more about it at http://bit.ly/1In4hl5.
  2. We just figured out what went wrong with the frequent upsell messages. First off this was not intended so sorry you were impacted by this. It had to do with the recent promotion we ran around Black Friday and there was a bug on our service that caused this screen to appear too frequently for Mac App Store customers. The problem is fixed and you shouldn't see one of these again for awhile.
  3. Where do you find on the Mac that clicking on a file opens the file? The Mac Finder, probably the standard for this, requires a double-click to open a file. I don't know of any Mac apps that open an attachment with a single-click. As Marcus said, EN Mac has always required a double-click to open an attachment. I think most EN Mac users, including myself, would not like it if it was changed to a single-click. A double-click on the file turns it blue. THat is my point. I don't care about a single or double click, but with 6.3b1, and apparently EN forever on the Mac, any-clicking on the inline PDF file only changes it blue, it doesn't open it. This is different than EN for WIndows (double click) and EN for iOS (single tap). Can you double-click on an inline PDF and have it open on this build? You can double click on the header area of each attachment which includes the icon for the file and the file name which will open it in the application that created it. With that said, it's interesting that you brought up that the Windows app supports double clicking on the preview itself. I'm not sure why the Mac app doesn't support that behavior but I can't think of a reason not to support it. It might be technically difficult but not sure. Can anyone else think of a reason not to support that in the future? We allow you to double click on an image and go into Presentation Mode automatically so we behave that way in other places.
  4. Are you clicking on the header of the PDF and it's not working? It doesn't work when clicking on the inline preview and I don't think it has ever worked that way. I checked version 5.3 and it also required double clicking on the header.
  5. We just figured out the issue with the bad font kerning. In 6.3 we used the latest xCode 7 and 10.11 SDK to compile the app. For 6.2 we used the old xCode and SDK. Updating the SDK has fixed a bunch of El Cap only crashes but it also appears to have changed the way our fonts are being handled when one shrinks the visible area. This is not something we expected but El Cap has a bunch of font changes that we've had to work around so it doesn't surprise me that this has occurred. In any case, I thought I would update everyone since there's been a fair bit of discussion. By the way, this issue doesn't repro on 10.9.
  6. That's funny. The behavior wasn't there before, and now it is. So it would seem that the app developer has some influence over this. As a former developer, I understand issues with the OS. But it's the developer's job to take advantage of the OS features, and develop workarounds to OS flaws so the end user has a good experience. Just sayin' Sorry I wasn't trying to use this as an excuse. We've rewritten a bunch of stuff in the effort to modernize our code especially now that we dropped 10.7 and 10.8 and to fix issues like redraw problems under El Capitan. During this process we might now be taking advantage of OS features that we never leveraged before which is probably what happened here. This wasn't a "feature" we actively added. In any case, I think it's fine to adjust kerning as the space gets impacted but I think the kerning is too tight and looks odd making this a bug. We'll investigate.
  7. OK. We're now able to to reproduce this issue. It appears to occur in top list view only. Sorry i was looking at side list view and it worked there. We'll investigate it. Thanks for reporting the issue. I had a chat with one of our engineers and he says this is an OS thing. I think it can be useful but I agree that the kerning gets a little too tight and looks a little odd.
  8. I'm not able to reproduce this issue. Is anyone else seeing this? EdH, I'll contact you directly to see if we can figure out the issue. We've worked really hard to reduce the impact of reindexing so it really shouldn't impact your editing experience and we don't expect reindexing to be required very often so this is why we haven't built a progress bar for it. After reindexing did you notice performance issues? I see that as well. I'll ask our engineers about this. I'm also seeing it in the Notebook name at the top ofd the note list. This might be a feature to show more text but not sure if it was done intentionally or not. It looks like your setup is completely broken. Definitely sign out and sign back in to see if it helps. I'll contact you directly.
  9. If all goes well, tomorrow we'll be releasing Evernote for Mac 6.3 Beta 1. Here's a link if you want to download it early. Here's what's in it. Changed key command for deleting a note from ⌫ to ⌘⌫. This matches Apple's Finder key command for deleting files. Our support team has helped a lot of people find notes that they've accidentally deleted so we hope this small change will reduce the heart attacks that this key command has caused. Added a preference to disable auto-formatting of bulleted lists and emojis. We heard loud and clear that you wanted this feature so we've added it as quickly as we could. Fixed a number of bugs: Fixed an issue where font information was lost when copying from Evernote. Improved tag auto-complete menu performance. Fixed an issue where URLs for web-clipped notes wouldn't appear. Reduced El Capitan visual and stability issues. One of the big pushes we're making over the course of the next few months is improving search. We'll be making small changes in the next few releases. In 6.3 we're testing a new interface that will allow you to change the sort order quickly. We'll first default to sorting by relevance so hopefully our search algorithms will find the note you're looking for right away but if not we'll make it a lot easier and obvious how to change the sort order so you can find the note yourself. Also this sort order won't affect the sort order of your normal notes. It will only be for search results. This is an experiment so this won't appear until next week and only some of you will see it. For those of you who do see it, please let us know what you think. As always, thanks for beta testing Evernote and contributing your findings with the entire Evernote community in this forum post. We appreciate your help and for those of you in the US...Happy Thanksgiving.
  10. Actually I think 6.2 is a step closer to the web site. Just shrink the toolbar to just show icons and it feels a little like the website. Also you can customize the toolbar and get rid of all the icons or just keep the search box so it's really clean. In fact a lot of our designers run this way because they like it better. Also as EdH points out a lot of people rely on the sidebar having notebooks and tags to quickly get to their notes so a clean simple interface isn't for everyone. By the way, we have a new beta build for you to try. Again if you want to get rid of the auto-formatting this has a preference to turn it off. I should also mention that El Cap caused a number of crashes in Evernote that we think 6.3 has fixed so that's another benefit of this new release. We hope to ship it to all beta users tomorrow.
  11. We still think this is an Apple bug. It was an Apple bug before and they fixed it in Yosemite but it appears to have come back in El Cap. Not sure of the number but we did file a radar ticket.
  12. FYI. It looks like we won't be publishing the 6.3 beta to beta users today but will wait until Friday. There aren't any issues in the beta I posted but one of our teams would like to get a few more fixes in before we release so a couple of more days. If the auto-formatting issue is bothering you please feel free to download the beta here which has a preference to turn it off.
  13. This update is failing on your particular machine. It's not a system wide thing. Please download the latest version of the app from the Evernote web site to get around the issue. We continue to investigate this issue but haven't found the specific issue of why some people get into this state. Thanks for reporting this. I'll investigate more.
  14. As many others have said, cmd-z is really disruptive. Also the existing beta doesn't have the preference yet (but good to know you're working on the next release to give users an option to disable this feature, but why couldn't you have done this to begin with?) It would be nice if Evernote would apologize for forcing these time-wasting "auto-formatting" features. At the very least, acknowledge us by something like "We hear you (or your frustrations) and we will try our best to not xxxx up in the future by introducing something disruptive that doesn't give you a way to toggle/disable." Ah well, I guess I'm just asking too much. Or maybe not? I have been supporting Evernote since its very early days and I don't get an acknowledgement? We do appreciate everyone who uses Evernote and especially those of you who devote the extra time to participate in these forums and contribute back to the Evernote community. Our Common Editor team did a bunch of experimentation with the auto-formatting stuff in early betas and decided to roll back a bunch of it based on feedback in these forums. The ones that remained were left because they are common across most text editors. I can assure you that many people are happy that we added the feature and have wondered why it took so long. With that said, it also makes sense to have the option to turn it off for those that don't like it. If you'd like to turn it off now, I have a Beta 3 release candidate you can download at http://bit.ly/1PNl1tv. We still have to run our full suite of automation and manual tests on it but I've been using it for a bit and it seems pretty good to me.
  15. Are you using Apple's new OS El Capitan? A small number of people are running into a hang when using any versions of Evernote so going back to a previous version probably wouldn't help. We believe it's a weird font incompatibility introduced by El Cap. For some it just goes away over time after a few reboots of the machine. If this hasn't worked and it sounds like it hasn't then I would recommend deleting your Evernote prefs. 1) Go to Terminal. 2) Type "defaults delete com.evernote.Evernote" (without the double quotes). 3) Relaunch Evernote. This has worked for a number of people. These are the hardest issues for us to track down and fix because only a few people run into it and we can't replicate it in house and don't know why they only some are seeing it. In any case, let me know if that doesn't work and I can try to help you further.
  16. The ability to turn off auto-correct is already in the internal builds we use daily. We're working on the 6.3 release and the plan is to ship a beta to everyone next week Wednesday.
  17. We released Mac 6.2.1 to the Mac App Store yesterday. What's the difference between 6.2 and 6.2.1? We found an issue with the Safari Share Extension in that it doesn't work reliably when trying to web clip a page on El Capitan so we disabled it on the Mac App Store version. We still recommend using the Evernote Web Clipper over the share extension so you won't lose web clipping capability and in fact you'll get better capabilities with the web clipper.
  18. I just tried this and preview appears for me when double clicking the Evernote header for the PDF. It doesn't open when clicking the inline preview of the PDF.
  19. A group of us met today to discuss this feature request and we would like to better understand the goal because after reading through this entire thread I think different people are asking for different things. In any case, before we move forward I just want to get some clarity. Here are 5 options. Let me know which one best describes what you would like to see us implement. 1) Note Zoom - Pressing a key command like CMD+SHIFT+"+" in a note would grow all the content in that note larger including images and text. Content in the note would reflow and wouldn't add scrollbars. The note can still be edited while in this state. Only this note is affected. 2) Note Zoom With Scrollbars - Pressing a key command like CMD+SHIFT+"+" in a note would grow all the content in that note larger including images and text but unlike #1 content wouldn't reflow but instead the original layout would remain but now left and right scrollbars appear. This is what OneNote does. The note can still be edited while in this state. Only this note is affected. The following 2 are more about accessibility. 3) Global Note Zoom Preference - Many have mentioned that their eyesight isn't as good as it used to be (I would also fit in this camp) and would like to be able to see their notes easier. In this case we provide a global preference to increase the size of everything in a note including text and images. This is like Note Zoom #1 but affects all notes consistently. If you like this feature, what I'd like to better understand is why doesn't increasing the default font size work for you. I'm guessing because you also want images increased in size but I want to understand this better. I personally think the larger default font works for me so I'd like more color about the reasons having a larger image is also important. 4) Global Font Zoom App Preference - This increases the font size across the entire app including the note list. Again this is a feature for people with bad eyesight. It may not be enough to just increase the size of text in the note editor but you may also want the font on the sidebar and in the note list also larger to make it easier to see. 5) Full Screen Note - This doesn't increase the size of the note content but is a quick way to get it to fill the entire screen so that tables and other things flow better. This is ideal for people with small screen resolutions like a Mac Book Air and it's difficult to read their note because it's scrunched up on the right side of the 3 pane Evernote window. I'm assuming most people in this forum post are asking for #1 but let me know if I'm wrong or let me know if you are asking for something completely different. I'm sorry I haven't replied earlier. Quite honestly I wasn't aware of this forum post until our social media person brought it to my attention. If you want to request a feature it's probably best to plug it in the Evernote for Mac release posts that I write up for every release. Here's a link to my 6.2 release. I'm monitoring those posts very actively and will be able to see the request. Anyway, let me know which feature you all are asking for.
  20. OK, I think I have finally identified a repeatable process that causes the Source URL to disappear: Hide the Left SidebarGo to Note with a URL and make sure it is showingGo to a Note without a URLShow the Left SidebarHide the Left SidebarGo to Note with URLObserve that the URL does NOT show, even if you show/hide the Left Sidebar Thanks for the detailed repro steps. One of our developers fixed the bug today. This will be fixed in the next beta. I should also point out that the URL is saved with the note but we have code to hide things as you shrink the window and in this particular case it's being too aggressive and hiding it without even shrinking the window. The (notebook owner) issue is a bug. It should only appear for shared notebooks that have the exact same name. This is already fixed internally and will be in the 6.3 beta. In regards to notebooks not being selected in the sidebar, this has been the design since version 5.x so it's not a bug but I fully understand why many think it is. Unfortunately since this is the design it's not an easy change to make and will take time. We basically have to rewrite the sidebar but the good news is we've been rewriting parts of it as we make changes like the mini-sidebar and other things so we're making progress. Ugh. Yup. That's a bug. Thanks for reporting it.
  21. I'm not able to reproduce this. Does anyone else see this same issue? I'll contact you directly to see if I can get a sample. I just tried to reproduce this and was able to do this once after switching versions but resizing the window fixed it for me. Do you remember the steps you took to get into this state? Is it permanent or does rebooting the app fix the issue? Is the issue still there even after resizing the window? I'm using El Cap but it looks like you're using Yosemite so maybe this is an OS issue. For others seeing the problem are you using Yosemite? I should also add that this is a bug and not a design decision.
  22. Bulleted and numbered list auto-formatting is standard in most word processors. This is how MS Word, Google Docs and Apple Pages work so this isn't a half-baked mark down feature but base line functionality that most people expect. The word processors also make this an option so it makes sense that we do the same. I'll keep everyone posted on our investigation.
  23. Thanks for this feedback. I'm waiting to hear from customers like yourself as to how useful they find the mini-toolbar. Would some like to run the toolbar in shrunken mode all the time? You can do this by the way by simply shrinking the sidebar width. We'll remember the size. If you'd like to run in this mini-sidebar mode, what features would you need to make it useful. I hear a vote for shortcuts. What about recent notes, notebooks and tags? Thanks to you and everyone else in this forum for the feedback on the auto-formatting feature. We're trying to do a better job of keeping things simple and not creating a preference for every little thing. However, listening to everyone in this forum's desire to turn off this feature makes me think this one probably deserves a preference item. I just wanted to let you and everyone else know we're investigating it.
  24. We just released the final version of 6.2 with El Capitan fixes. You can read more about it at my forum post here. If you are seeing issues while running Evernote on El Cap, please try this version out. It should run a lot better. There are still some weird issues with fonts. For some they are defaulting to Gotham Bold. Please just go in to Evernote prefs and change this to another font. It should default to Helvetica Neue. Gotham is a font we ship for branding reasons and really shouldn't be used as a default note font. Please post any continued issues to the 6.2 Release Forum post so we can discuss and address them in that area.
  25. We have released the final version of 6.2. You can download it here. If you run into any issues in the final version of 6.2 please report it at the 6.2 release forum post. NOTE: Beta users who ran 6.2 Beta 4 and do not use English as their primary OS language will NOT be able to upgrade to the final version of 6.2. Unfortunately there is a bug in Beta 4 that prevents the upgrade process from working for non-English systems. Please download the final version of 6.2 from the link above after which everything will work fine. The issue is in the upgrade dialog and not Evernote itself.
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