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  1. Sorry the YouTube videos wouldn't play for me so I wasn't really able to see the performance issues but I don't need to see them to understand that they are underperforming from your perception which is all that matters. We have been making a bunch of changes to search so it's possible there could have been a regression in this area. I'm sure you've done this but please make sure to reboot the machine and Evernote to ensure that all the memory is freed up. It's possible there is a memory leak that could cause things to slow down. Also make sure there is enough free local storage for us to write to disk if we need to. I'll mention your forum post to our test and dev teams to see if we can reproduce the issue in house. If others are also seeing this issue then please report back to this forums post so we know there are others running into this issue.
  2. Thanks for this feedback. Would love to hear what other people think about the new search behavior.
  3. This is definitely on our radar. We agree that this would make formatting a note quicker and easier. Technically we're focused on moving all of our platforms to use a common editor first after which it should make it easier to add note editing features quickly and consistently across our apps.
  4. Thanks for this feedback. We probably won't make the formatting toolbar customizable anytime soon but we are looking at redoing the buttons that appear in the toolbar. We made one attempt at a change this Summer but backed off because the design didn't meet Tag user's needs. Still looking at different options. it's great to see this kind of feedback in the forums and it definitely influences are thinking.
  5. We have release Evernote for Mac 6.4 Beta 1. Added new chat button to the WorkChat view. We'll be removing the new chat button from the default toolbar so this is the beginning of this transition. Changed the behavior when clearing search. We now return you to your previous note or view. Let us know if this subtle new behavior works or not. Improved search highlighting so that it highlights only words that start with the search phrase. Before we would highlight even segments within words resulting in too many things being highlighted. This does not change the behavior in the find within notes feature. Fixed an issue where Evernote didn't remember the last note you were on when restarting the app. Continued to improve stability. You can get the beta release from here. As always let us know if you find any issue in the beta. Thanks for helping the Evernote for Mac community.
  6. Is anyone else seeing this. I still can't reproduce the issue. What image format are you using?
  7. I can't reproduce this issue. Can you tell me what image format you're using? Also how did you get the image into Evernote? Did you drag from a web page into Evernote? Sometimes this causes problems because I think there may be an issue with us picking up the extension on the drag and drop operation and if we don't have the extension then there are issues when you drag it to the desktop. Not positive but I seem to remember issues with that flow.
  8. We made this change based on what we were seeing in support. Support found that many of the people they were helping who reported losing data actually deleted their notes by accident and thankfully we were able to recover their notes from the trash. I realize it's a pain for people who liked the old way and some will think it's a bug but we really wanted to make sure we decreased the number of people who accidentally deleted their notes and I think this solves that problem. There are still lots of ways to delete a note. The trash button in the note itself. Right click in the note list and of course the new key command. I'm hoping you can find an alternative that meets your work flow.
  9. Yes, this is a bug in 6.3. We've already fixed it internally and will release a beta with the fix early next week.
  10. This does appear to be broken in 6.3. We're starting to investigate it. In my quick test of previous versions of the app I'm able to get the notebook to be remembered but not the actual note itself. I tried version 6.2, 6.1 and 6.0.11.
  11. We are re-evaluating all parts of the application but have nothing to announce yet. During this process we have to look at both the features that are used by lots of people like search and those that aren't used that much but are popular with hard core users like tags and find a path that improves the product for all types of users. Right now we're focused on search and opportunistically improving areas of tags that we can move quickly on. Please continue to highlight the areas you feel need the most work. I am reading these and it's helping me prioritize things for our hard core users. This. A thousand times, THIS! I think this design is to notify you at a glance which tags match your search criteria exactly and which don't. If you click in the body of the Tag area and take the cursor out of the search field all Tags will be easily readable. This is indeed an Apple bug. We've reported it several times and Apple fixed it in Yosemite but broke it again in El Capitan. There's not much we can do here but wait for Apple to fix it.
  12. Understood. This is just a bug that we didn't catch until now. By the way, in 6.3 we did make the tag auto-complete faster for a large number of tags (>2K). Hopefully you'll see a difference when typing a tag in the note editor.
  13. We just discovered a possible issue in Mac 6.3 when a customer has hundreds of tags and they are setting up a new system. Basically every time there is a new tag added we update a bunch of stuff and normally this is unnoticeable by people. However, if one has hundreds of tags and they are setting up Evernote for the first time, their system can slow down because we're trying to update a bunch of stuff all at once. We have a fix that we'll release in 6.4 Beta 1 on or around 12/21. For now if you run into this please just let Evernote run in the background and complete downloading all of the tags. If you want to use Evernote during this time I would recommend using the web client. After it's done, the system will go back to normal. We don't think this should affect many people but wanted to let everyone know.
  14. Thanks for pointing this out and getting it back on my radar. We'll investigate. Thanks for posting this issue. I think JMichael might be right in that it's been there for awhile but it's intermittent and therefore hard to track down. If others are seeing it please post your exact steps and provide as much detail as you can like the image type used or where the content came from originally or how was it created. In these cases there is probably a specific sequence of steps that causes the bug but we won't be able to fix unless we can reproduce it reliably.
  15. I would recommend migrating to the release version since it has a number of bug fixes that weren't in the beta but for your planning purposes we'll have another beta probably in a couple of weeks.
  16. It's different. You may not get the upgrade notice immediately. We roll these things out slowly. You can always download it from the link above, select Check for Updates Now in preferences or wait for the upgrade notice to come your way to update to 6.3.
  17. We just shipped Evernote for Mac 6.3 and it will start to roll out to direct download customers tomorrow. We have to wait for Apple's approval for the Mac App Store version. It has the requested feature to turn off auto-formatting and fixes the URL issue. Here's a link to the 6.3 forum post.
  18. By the way, we just shipped the final version of 6.3 which has additional El Cap fixes mostly around visual glitches and a few crashing issues. Give it a try. Here's a link to the 6.3 forum post.
  19. Caecilia is a required font and we ship with it so there should be no reason you can't find it in Font Book. Do you also have this font via Adobe or some other app? What do you mean by "I've migrated my User data across from the old Mac"? Did you restore from a back up or copied the data folder? This might be getting the app confused. It might be better to sign in to Evernote on the new Mac and just let it re-download all of your data again. This way everything is created from scratch for this new Mac vs having remnants of a previous installation. This is the first I've heard of this issue so I'm only speculating. Give it a try and let me know.
  20. We're starting to roll out the 6.3 release to customers. Thanks again to everyone who helped us find issues in the beta. Here's a link to the forum post. lindseycholmes, I've direct messaged you to try to help out.
  21. We're starting to roll out Evernote for Mac 6.3 to customers. The official release notes are: New: Some people were unwittingly deleting notes by hitting ⌫. Totally our fault for not putting a safety on the deleter. So we changed the key command to ⌘⌫, which is much harder to do on accident (and is equivalent to Finder’s shortcut key). We also added a preference to disable auto-formatting of bulleted lists and emojis, for those who want a little more control. Fixed: Fixed an issue where font information was lost when copying from Evernote. Fixed an issue where URLs for web-clipped notes wouldn't appear. Improved tag auto-complete menu performance. Improved El Capitan visual and stability performance. Thanks again for directing any issues or comments to this post so it's easier for us to find and address. I also want to apologize to Mac App Store free users who may have seen the upgrade notice a lot around Black Friday. I want to assure you that this was not intentional or a change in policy. This was simply a bug that was introduced by our service team when creating this one-time promotion. I'm also hoping you're seeing an improvement in stability. We are seeing a significant drop in crashes with the release of 6.2 and we believe 6.3 will continue this progress. If you do crash we display a dialog that asks for your name and email when you launch the app again. Please fill this out. This is how we track crashes and we are actively fixing the top issues in every release. If you want to download the app now you can get 6.3 here. We've submitted 6.3 to the Mac App Store and will release it once Apple gives us the go ahead.
  22. @Marcus, here's one reason NOT to open the PDF attachment when double-clicking somewhere in the body of the inline preview: Double-clicking in the body is an easy way of selecting a word in the PDF textTriple-clicking selects the entire lineSo clicking in the body of the inline preview functions just like in the body of the Note text. IMO, this is the most intuitive, useful behaviorIf the attachment header is out of view, you can always right-click anywhere in the body and select "Open". I see no reason to change the current behavior. Surely you have other more pressing issues to deal with than a low level behavior like this, which, if you change, can have unexpected adverse results. Frankly, I'd much rather you spend your scarce development time on stuff like allowing the user to select the image to be used for thumbnail, a feature many, many users have been requesting for several years. Got it. Thanks. That makes sense. I knew there had to be a reason because it seems like such an obvious thing to support.
  23. First off this was not intentional. We just discovered a bug around our Black Friday promotion that caused Mac App Store customers to see the upsell message too frequently. This has been fixed and you shouldn't see one of these again for awhile.
  24. Unfortunately there isn't a way yet. We are adding a preference to turn off the bullets but I hadn't heard of anyone not wanting the checkbox so that currently isn't in the plan but let me investigate more. For now you can use CMD+Z to undo the conversion.
  25. Evernote just uses Apple's dictionary so you can turn off auto-correction in the system preferences. Go to Keyboard / Text and uncheck "Correct spelling automatically". I hope this helps. Also it looks like Apple supports adding other dictionaries so it might be possible to add a the language of your choice.
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