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  1. We continue to see a crash that a number of people are running into that we thought we fixed in 5.6.1. We have never been able to reproduce it in house which makes it hard for us to fix and test but we know it's happening because of the crash reports customers are uploading. The crash reports tell us roughly where the issue might be occurring but we don't know for sure what is causing it. We want to fix this issue. The only change we've made in 5.6.2 Beta 1 is another attempt to fix this bug. We hope we have finally fixed the issue but since we don't have reproducible steps we don't know. If you crash, please upload your log files to us. The crash appears in the notes editor but again we're not really sure why it happens. A key point is that this crash does NOT happen for everyone. You can download the Beta here: http://bit.ly/1sZjVj6. Thanks again for your continued help.
  2. We've done a little more research into this issue and it appears Notability changes the Universal Type Identifier (UTI) for PDFs so Evernote no longer recognizes a PDF file as the PDF format. We're still investigating as to if or how we can work around this. I'm guessing other apps that expect the same UTI for PDFs that Evernote does will have similar issues. In regards to annotations, I think you missed my point about Skitch. My recommendation is to launch Skitch separately from Evernote and do all of your annotation in that app and then copy it to Evernote or simply have it sync back to Evernote. In other words, add Skitch to your dock and launch it instead of Evernote to annotate a PDF until Notability or Evernote can fix the issue. This is an alternative to removing Notability.
  3. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Were you able to upload the crash log? I wasn't able to find a log that was similar to your forum name. I did find 1 person who crashed on 10/10 using 10.7 so that may have been you. Next time you crash please make sure to include your information so we can find it and look at the issue. The number of crash logs we've received for version 5.6.1 is still very low so I don't think there's a lot of people having issues (at least as of now). Of course there aren't a lot of people using 5.6.1 yet so it might increase. I do know we have more issues on Mac OS 10.7 Lion than the newer versions. I'm sure there are reasons why you haven't upgraded but if you could I would highly recommend it. We don't have very many people using Lion so the reality is the bulk of our testing occurs on the newer OSs.
  4. We're taking the beta label off of version 5.6.1 and calling it a release. Here are the changes made in v5.6.1. Removed repeated offline alertsIn list view, the relevance column can now be hidden from search resultsResolved an issue that caused note conflicts when sharing new notesSquashed bugs related to migration from the Mac App Store versionAdded a dialog telling users that their data is going to be migrated, indexed and that it may take some time to complete.Fixed the top 5.6 stability issues.Here's the download link: http://bit.ly/1yiAfO2. If you're still using 5.5, click here to see all the great things in 5.6. My favorite new feature is the ability to resize tables. Thanks to all of our beta testers for helping us test this release.
  5. We definitely have plans for a Yosemite visual update but nothing to announce yet. Stay tuned.
  6. We continue to try to fix some remaining issues in the 5.6.1 build. Beta 3 has 3 changes. 1) Switching views from card to snippet to list would cause the note title to stop updating. This fix may also fix some other crashing issues. 2) Updated localization. 3) Added a dialog telling users that their data is going to be migrated, indexed and that it may take some time to complete. Click here to download. http://bit.ly/1EAqc8P. Thanks for helping us test this beta and for all of the feedback.
  7. I was thinking about this more and the other recommendation is you could use Skitch which is Evernote's annotation software to annotate the image. This syncs to Evernote or you can drag and drop the image to a particular note. I know it's better to annotate from within Evernote but this might be a good alternative.
  8. Are others seeing a lot of crashes with the 5.6.1 app when they start the app? Also, did these crashes start with 5.6 or did they also occur for you in 5.5.2?
  9. I'm not sure we'll be able to do this every time someone asks about specific bugs but I'm new and have a little bit of time so I looked into this. The question is about keyboard movement in a table. We didn't do any changes in the tables for 5.6.1 Beta 1 or 2. The current behavior is that right and down arrow do the same thing and move the cursor to the right. Left and up arrow move the cursor to the left. So the bottom line is that up and down arrow keys are not working in the way you expected and this has not changed.
  10. Unfortunately we don't know where the issue is. It could be in Evernote or it could be in Notability. Please also report this to Notability. This is not a long term recommendation but a temporary workaround until either team can figure out a solution.
  11. Well quite honestly there's not a lot of direction I can provide for this update. Basically we fixed the top crashing bug. We don't have any repro steps and actually have never seen it internally but we've investigated the crash logs that customers have submitted and we know where the issue is and we put a fix in. We think it will prevent the crash from occurring again. The crash logs indicate that the issue was in the note editor. Thanks to everyone for submitting crash logs because in many cases they provide enough information to allow us to fix a problem without being able to reproduce it in house. This one fix is the only difference between 5.6.1 Beta 1 and 5.6.1 Beta 2. We have not fixed any other issues.
  12. We just released 5.6.1 Beta 2 with a few additional stability fixes. This should make editing notes crash a little less. Here's the link: http://bit.ly/1oObkJV Please keep the feedback coming.
  13. The Check for Updates menu item is under the Evernote menu or in Preferences under the Software update tab. The new 5.6 release is only available for versions of the software downloaded from Evernote.com. We have not yet updated the Mac App Store version.
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