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  1. Chiming in - I have stopped using Evernote but would love to go back to it. I have a little paid-for app on my iPad called Recipe Box, in theory maintained by a very small developer - and it has spell check when I am in edit mode to type in recipes. I find it odd why Evernote offers no explanation for such a basic feature - and one that is SO useful, for Notes!!!!
  2. Dear Evernote, I really love Evernote. I want to use it more. I want to go premium - but I want to mainly use it on my iPad air. I finally found out why spell check does not work on my iPad with Evernote - because Evernote does not support spell check on Mobile devices: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/28671563 The "workaround" - to spell check the note on a Mac or PC is inconvenient to say the least. Unfortunately, I think this means I will abandon Evernote. This is sad, but the native notes app in iPad/iPhone/Mac OS X will now sync notes across all devices via iCloud. Yes, this means it only works on apple devices - but that's my ecosystem, so I'm OK. I really, really, really wish spell check was supported on iPad (mobile devices). Until it is supported, I'm afraid I'm one sad, ex-Evernote user. Cheers, Josh
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