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  1. Burgersnfries: By a warning, I meant a note that I was approaching the limit as I was creating the note, as you mentioned in your earlier comment. Instead, it let me create the note, save it, and then it synced with my laptop and said the size was 23.7 MB. Then, after that, I was constantly receiving a pop up saying the note was over the limit and would not sync unless I upgraded to premium (even though it DID sync). I would close the pop up, and it would come back up a few minutes later while I was working on something else, and continued doing so. That is what was bugging me so much. I uninstalled the app, re-installed it, and removed two of the pictures. Problem solved. thank you.
  2. Yes - uninstalling and re-installing worked. Thank you. Like many users, I would love an option to remove single photos from a note using my phone. That, along with a warning that I was approaching the limit, would have saved some headache.
  3. The note is smaller than the posted limit. It synced and appears as I created it on my devices. If it is under the 25 MB limit, I don't understand why the warning pops up constantly.
  4. I created a note with pictures and am now receiving the Note Size Limit Exceeded warning CONSTANTLY! The thing is, it says it will not sync, but it did. Further, when I open the synced note on my desktop, it says the size is 23.7 MB. I then tried to delete a picture from the note on my desktop to make the file even smaller. It worked on my computer, but not on my phone. The size warning is making the app not usable. Help!
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