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  1. On my EN/Win, I discovered that when I select multiple notes (for tagging or moving to another notebook), the options include created a Table of Contents note for the highlighted notes. I tried it and it works really well. This is a great option to have for organizing notes besides notebook stacking and tag hierarchies. I'm finding tag hierarchies are really finicky to work with on my online EN database. So if I'm altering my tag hierarchy, I make sure to make the change in EN/Win first and then sync. The TOCs could almost eliminate tag hierarchies altogether and still allow me to manage thousands of notes I keep in one main container. However, this EN Knowledge Base article says this feature is only available in Evernote for Mac. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/38335338 Does this article needs to be updated? Or is this an unannounced feature in beta on EN/Win and I shouldn't rely on it?
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