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  1. Here is my use case: I have a ton of notebooks with different subjects and am always creating more. Some subset of those (old and new) I need to share with one group quickly and easily without having to jump through hoops. Sharing stacks, which for all intents and purposes look like folders, would solve this easily for me. Instead they are a personal sorting mechanism with little actual use beyond that. I know how to use Evernote, I just don't care for its limitations which is why I am going to look for another solution. And the snobbish, passive aggressive BS from defenders makes Evernote e
  2. Wow, came here to find this ability doesn't exist. Amazed at how ridiculous this is. As a premium user, I share a ton of different notes with my wife and co-workers, and create new ones constantly. A shared stack (which is just a folder as far as I can tell), would make life insanely easy, but this doesn't seem to be happening. There are so many interface oddities in the desktop app already (e.g., not being able to drag notes between stacks on the left column), that I think I am going to start looking at alternatives - my general take is that Evernote is more interested in the feature checkl
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