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  1. Tested all this out and found.... Browser requires EN login Created 2nd EN account. Pasted link in browser. Got this >> http://img42.com/hKlxp Tried this as well and it's a private http link as well (same as above image) >> http://img42.com/OaVo1 From what it looks like, this is a way to share individual notes privately (meaning it must be specifically opened up to the individual) unless I'm totally missing something here.
  2. Update on this to help anyone else looking to do the same. Go to any note you want to share within Windows clientRight click itCopy Note LinkSeems that link can only be viewed by being logged into Evernote so it will not be public.
  3. Thanks again. My goal is to privately share everything with specific people (like Gdocs) so it seems the only way to do that would be through private notebooks from what I'm understanding.
  4. Thanks for the response. So basically I can privately share notebooks but not individual notes?
  5. Hi - I just started using Evernote and really love it so far, but I am having trouble with finding a way to share notes/notebooks privately. Is all note/notebook sharing public where as long as someone has the link they can see it (I hope not)? Is there a feature in which I can share notes privately. I installed the iOS and see a "private link" option there, but not in the Windows client. Does this require a premium account? All your help is really appreciated!
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