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  1. Note: 1 think Evernote guys will not like my post and will delete this post sooner or later Hello... I think most Evernote users missed the point. Evernote is not created to take long notes. I think Evernote can only be used for notes that don't exceed few words and that can be quickly read like your grocery list. I am using OneNote for my work, and one day I had that crazy thought that I can simply move my notes to Evernote. Some of my notebooks can fill more than 500 pages that include graphs that need to be organized in a certain layout near their paragraphs. With OneNote, I am able to create any layout I need within the page. And most important, when I want to review any note I can easily view and “see” what I spend months to create without having to buy a pack of Panadol for headache from reading small characters. I can easily sync and backup all my notes for free using OneDrive that integrates seamlessly (shouldn’t it ) with OneNote. I can easily resize images, something I never thought about until I found that it’s impossible in Evernote. Anyway, one day I had this crazy thought that I need to “switch” (lol) to a “better” service. Just to be fair, I really recommend using Evernote, but only for light use. You need note taking powerhouse capabilities, definitely take the OneNote route. To know if you are using Evernote correctly, you need to use the free version. When you reach that moment that you decide to cross the line and buy the paid version, you should know that you are doing something wrong. When you move to Evernote paid version, I believe that you have expectations that you are going to use Evernote heavily. The problem is that it’s not created to do that. this is like someone pays for a Ford Tempo to use it in the jungle. Ford Tempo is not made for the jungle terrain. And Evernote is not made for long note taking. It’s made for quick notes with few words that doesn’t require large font to read.
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