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  1. Thank you for the replies to my question. Solutions don't work well (quickly) enough. Another post in a different thread suggested a solution I'm thinking of trying and I'd like feedback before I start. I'm still using Samsung Galaxy S5 & want to use this phone to access Evernote Work account notes as well as Personal Evernote notes. I need to keep two separate accounts as I need to keep personal files off my work servers. I use my phone extensively to access files away from office or laptop computers and want this capability for Evernote - accessing quickly notes on both accounts. On another post someone mentioned using two accounts but sharing notebooks between a work and a personal account. So, does this/will this work? 1. On my personal Evernote Account, all my notes/notebooks are in this account, including all Work notes/notebooks which I will tag as "work". 2. All "work" tagged notebooks will be shared with a separate Work Evernote account. Which I understand will sync notes back and forth between accounts even for notes I create in the Work Evernote account. Yes? 3. I can then install Evernote on my work computer which will only access/download "Work" notes/notebooks, which will reside on our Work server. 4. I'll be able to move/send my MS Exchange/outlook notes, email, etc. to my Evernore Work Account. (which will then sync with my Work Evernote files online and will then be synced with my Personal Evernote account. Yes? 5. Will this work with my Samsung Galaxy S5 Evernote app (which is only connected to my Evernote personal account) so I can access my Work evernote notes, as well as my personal Evernote notes? MS Exchange/Outlook <-> with Evernote Work Account (that only shares notebooks with my Personal Evernote). So, there are not any independent notebooks or notes (or very few) that orginate on my Evernote Work Account. All Work related notebooks would be on my personal Evernote accounty and then shared with my work Evernote account. Again, thanks so much in advance for your responses. Also, if there has been a better solution, I'm very keen to learn what that might be. Cheers, Tom
  2. Need to be able to switch from my personal and business Evernote accounts using my android smartphone. How can I do this? I continue to prefer using an android phone (Samsung Galaxy S5, currently). I need to keep my personal life and work life separate, so I have two premium accounts. I need to access both accounts from my phone, but I am not able to do so, to my knowledge. I do not seem to be able to switch accounts using the Evernote android app, unless I lose local data from my personal account. I am unable to access the Evernote web site using my phone's browsers. Any solutions will be greatly appreciated. Tom C.
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