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  1. On 4/12/2019 at 6:47 PM, ux_designer said:

    On tablet, when the highlighter is enabled, one should be able to drag their finger across text on the screen to highlight it. If you had a stylus or Apple pencil, you could then use that to highlight text as you read it.

    The current state: when the highlighter is enabled, nothing happens. You have to click on a word. Select the pop-up menu "Select". Then drag the boundary borders to the section of text you want. Then click the highlight icon in the menu. This makes it very very difficult to read a text document and highlight it

    This really should be a feature in this otherwise best in class app.

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  2. 8 hours ago, bgmckinley said:

    Just upgrade to Evernote 6.12 and now the application crashes every time I close it. I get a bug report notification every time I open the application. I have tried completely uninstalling Evernote and deleting all all traces of files and folders. Problem continues. Is there anyway to roll back to an older version of Evernote? 

    I have this problem as well. I had to use App Cleaner and restore from a backup to reinstall 6.11. I've wasted half a day on this. This sucks. 

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  3. Recently updated to 6.12 of Evernote for Mac and now it crashes every single time I quit the application. After quitting there is a flash of an enlarged waiting for sink dialogue and then crash. I've tried reinstalling the application, uninstalling and reinstalling the application, no love. Any and all help would be appreciated. I am kind of a Mac geek but feel free to remind me of some basic things that I might have thought past.

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