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  1. Evernote is generally running all of the time on my desktop. I launch it immediately after a fresh bootup. I'm running Win7 fully patched. If re-indexing is a one-time thing after upgrading, my system has had ample time to do that. But if re-indexing occurs on some kind of timed basis like automatic syncing does, then I need to know if that is something I can adjust. Meanwhile. I will follow your advice and re-install v6 before down-grading to v5.9. Thanks for your help, csihilling.
  2. Everything is slow. When I click a notebook in my left nav panel, it takes a long time to open. Once open, if I click a note to open it or click the New Note button, it is very sluggish. Printing is slow. Clipping is slow. However, once I've seemed to "wake it up," then Evenote is, indeed, very fast. I think kvitekp may be onto something regarding re-indexing. But how often does re-indexing occur and how long does that generally take? Prior to the update, I've never experienced Evernote as being anything less than blazingly fast. (I absolutely love this program.) It may or may not be indexing,
  3. Thanks so much, csihilling! Do you happen to know if I install an earlier version, will I endanger my current library of notes? I'll back everything up just in case, but I wanted to know what to expect.
  4. I recently upgraded to v6.0.6.1769 when it was announced. As a result, Evernote is now very sluggish and slow. I would like to revert to the previous version but it was an online update that didn't require a download. What are my options? Is there a way to revert? What was the number of the previous version?
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