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  1. Hello, I have a problem. I love the new look of Evernote that came with the latest Android update, but I've been experiencing a problem with taking handwriting notes ever since the update. What happens is that I am in the middle of taking handwiriting notes, and since the instructor is saying things i don't need to note, I leave the tablet alone for a bit. The screen soon locks. When I try to unlock it, Evernote app is frozen most of the time. Then I have to shut down the app and reopen it, and when I reopen it none of my handwritten notes are saved and I have to start all over again. The app freezes in a similar manner when I switch to a different app for a few seconds. In both situations, it seems to be a hit or miss: most of the time the app freezes, but sometimes nothing happens. I'm currently using a different note-taking app because of this very issue, but if it becomes resolved (maybe with another update), then I will return to using Evernote. Can the community provide any help for me, and can the developers PLEASE address this problem? I'm using a Galaxy Note 8.0 with S Pen running Android Version 4.4.2 KitKat. Thanks.
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