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  1. This is a problem on both my windows 10 computers - latest beta installed: 1/ Go to "All Notes" (I have about 15,000), using "Thumbmail Preview" option 2/ Everything loads nice on initial glance 3/ But if I pull down the scroll toolbar to say half way down through my notes, Evernote is extremely slow to start loading the new thumbnails - typically 1 to 3 minutes to load about 30 thumbnails (ie. not usable) - and most of the time the majority of the thumbnails are not even loaded. 4/ Even if I click an unloaded thumbnail, the note loads, but the thumbnail still does not load
  2. Cool! will check out / trial this program when I'm back at my workstation. May be quite helpful. Side note - any other similar type programs you have found for organizing files (ie pdfs, word docs, text files, etc)? I assume XnView doesn't support those.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions gazumped. I just looked that these apps and they are essentially for mobile. My main use of images is screenshots rather than scans. Do you have any suggestions for programs that would offer something similar to thumbnail view in evernote?
  4. All the other option are there except "Screenshot" (which I happen to use most often). Both in Firefox and Chrome. thanks
  5. While the notebook groups are useful, I find myself often wanting to see notes from only a few notebooks in a large collection of a notebook group. While I could create a new group for these two notebooks, I do not always want this function, so I'd then have to move them back to the former group, etc; I don't really think the notebook abstraction as implemented is as powerful as it could be. Ideally I'd like to be able to ctrl+mouse click on which ever notebooks and show all those notes. Thanks
  6. I take keep many screenshots in Evernote. Currently there exists a limit to how much I can zoom in on images using ctrl+mousewheel (or any other way) without double clicking the image (and when I do double click, ctrl+mousewheel does not work). Oddly enough, things work as expected if its writing (as in character font). However if there is font and images in a note, zooming in with ctrl+mousewheel will zoom in on the font, but not the image (in fact, sometimes the image actually gets smaller somehow...) I recall that Evernote used to zoom in on images as expected, but hasn't for quit
  7. Hey Developers, Great job continuing to add functionality to EN! Noticed a while back (several months?) that zooming with mouse scroll while has been broken for a bit and continues not to work on the latest release. See details here: Would appreciate a fix! Thanks
  8. Zooming with ctrl + mouse wheel was working very well (was requested, and then implemented - see the bottom of this discussion): I've been away from Evernote for a few weeks and I have just notices that in the latest Beta that I have running, using the mouse wheel for zooming no longer works. Wanted to make sure that I am not the only one seeing this, and ask if Evernote is planning to fix this? Is zoom still working as before in the latest non-beta relase? Im on windows 7 if that makes any difference. Thanks
  9. I often use ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom in and out of notes. When zooming out, there is currently a software imposed limitation that makes it impossible to see longer notes in their entirety. When zooming out really far for longer notes, it does become impossible to read anything - but you can quickly orient yourself within a very long page, plus, pictures may still be recognizable. I couldn't find any place that Evernote is reporting the zoom level in writing when I change zoom, but my guess it that the current limit is around 50% of original size. Just look at how far out you
  10. I'm not sure why this limitation exists, but when you right click on a note, you get an option to copy its "internal link" - and its possible to do this with the keyboard using Crtl+Alt+L, as the first image shows. If you are writing within the note however, this keyboard shortcut is no longer available. To get this link using a mouse while in the note, the user has to choose Note> Copy Note Link. The keyboard shortcut therefore changes to Alt+N+L. This is all quite confusing for the muscle memory. Also confusing is the lack of consistent terminology: (copy internal link vs copy note link)
  11. The tab key works as expected in EN except when working in a table (made with EN button in note). In this case, pressing tab brings you to the next table rather than making a 5 space indent. Any way to suppress this behavior? I tried some modifier keys while pressing tab but no luck. Thanks
  12. Thanks gazumped - I'm thinking this is a new-ish option, or I never noticed that I should be scrolling on that options page:)
  13. a good idea - may help some in my situation. Unfortunately this wouldn't really work for my as I want to merge lots of screen clippings and since they are all called "screenshot" (unless I put a lot of effort to edit each title), the resulting table of contents wouldn't do much.
  14. Merging notes work great in EN - except for when I want to keep track of "note info" for clips from the net. Specifically I find it useful to keep the web address for reference. Right now, the "top note" in a stack of notes being merged defines the web address note info for the resulting merged note; not super useful. The best answer I can come up with is to copy the web address to the actual note manually to the actual context on the note before merging them. Any better way to do this automatically (keyboard shortcut?), or at least an easier way to copy/paste the http address from n
  15. Hey gazumped - yes, I do mean dragging the bottom right corner. And I agree - it is an annoyance that EN expands the image to fit. Its odd to do a zoom out watching the font get smaller, yet some large image stays the same dimensions...
  16. Resizing images works great in EN - it would be nice if I could select many images at once and have a resize apply to all of them. As far as I can tell, it is only possible to resize images one at a time.
  17. True. This is also the most cited reasoning for the dropping of Skitch being not that big of a deal. Personally, I never used Skitch for this. I liked it because it very quickly showed me all my screenshots. Its possible to also see these in EN using various techniques but these all require a bunch of clicking around. All this being said, if dropping Sktich means the EN team can focus more on the core product, then I'm for it. I wonder if dropping Sktich on Mac will happen soon...
  18. Hello - this is indeed another way to start the process of exploring tags in a notebook. Unfortunately this approach doesn't help reduce the number of clicks required when you want to next explore a different tag in the same notebook (you would have to drag the new tag and then delete the previously selected tag - the dreaded extra click lingers...)
  19. Thanks for this tip! Unfortunately all my tags are very nested (I neglected to mention), so I cannot work well with the interface you suggest. Although I'm sure your suggestion works wonders for other types of systems that people have.
  20. Correct you are indeed, not sure how I missed that one. That being said, I am still a bigger fan of keyboard shortcuts that mousing and clicking around, so I do hope someday we will get keyboard shortcuts for more common mousing around actions such as this.
  21. I often change sort order, which currently means switching to side list or top list view and clicking on columns from there, then going back the the views I normally work from. Another option to get sort potions is by clicking on the note list view icon, but this method has a limitation: its not possible to reverse the sort order. It would be very useful to get keyboard shortcuts to sort by date created, date updated, and title (and reverse sort for each). Alternatively, if keyboard shortcuts are not possible, it would be good to have the option to see the sort columns that e
  22. Many of my tags are shared between notebooks - but I work in one notebook at a time. Currently, whenever I select a tag in the left navigation window, EN defaults to showing where that tag shows up in "all notebooks". It would be useful if EN could remember/have an option to show tag results for the current notebook selected. For now, I am spending extra time clicking to "unselect" the "All notebooks" default behavior, but hopefully one day soon this can change. (PS: this request is a follow-up to a question I posed here:
  23. When in a note, if you hold down your middle mouse button then move your mouse down towards you, the note scrolls. I would like to request also having this auto-scroll function for the actual list of notes (in all the view modes). Currently, the best way to look for notes in a big list is scrolling using the mouse wheel. This works great with smooth transitions and all - except for using the scroll wheel like this for long periods of time is not too ergonomic (harder on the metacarpals in the hand). I realize I can also use pg up, pg down, and the down/up arrow keys as a workaround,
  24. OK - so I figured it out: The "ConfirmDeleteTag" must be deleted entirely. The only item I now have under "AutoResponse" is "(Default)". The "confirm delete tag?" dialog is back!
  25. So in doing some extra digging, I have almost figured this out - but am missing one piece of information. I found this conversation, the answer lies in changing a registry value: In Windows registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote\AutoResponse", the value ConfirmDeleteTag in my current setup =DeleteTag This conversation does not say what the value needs to be so that I am again prompted if I am sure if I want to delete the tag. All my guesses have been wrong and lead to me not being able to delete the tag at all. Could someone that did not disable the "as
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