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  1. I tried to use eatags for a bit, but it just is not the real thing. For one, the resulting images of the formulas are not as pretty as in mathjax, say. But mainly, one can't edit formula -- so if I have some long ugly awesome formula and I discover later on that I made a typo in it, I have to retype the whole thing. It was a dealbreaker for me, may be for others it is not so bad. Obviously, the proper solution is to allow for a mathjax javascript to run on evernote posts. Tried this for a while (via Tampermonkey), but failed ...
  2. I would not recommend using Thinkery, it seems like all development stoped in 2014. There has been no communiction from them in over a year. Having all my personal info in a system that doesn't seem to be maintained isn't something I would recommend. Funny thing. I am trying out Evernote, even a paid version, but I'm worried to really put my notes there from precisely this reason -- I don't want to invest time into company that may cease to exist. From my point of view, I care about linux version and -- if not possible -- about web client that is full-featured and works offline (yes, it is possible and there are apps that do that, like Google Doc in chrome or todoist.com). Also backing up without windows is not really supported. (Call me paranoid, but if I cannot back-up my notes every week, I don't want to use the service.) For none of this there's been no progress for many years (and it appears there won't be ever?). Makes me wander why did I pay for this ... I guess good marketing works for a limited time ... For what it's worth, thinkery is in the process of open-sourcing there codebase, which may make it possible for other to develop further. (But they, too, sadly have no linux client and no offline editing.)
  3. Native client would be best, but at least a web client that does everything is a must for serious work. By everything I mean at least: offline work, easy back-up of my database, and, well, all the features of a windows client -- randomly I found, that one cannot link from one note to another, except in windows client. I paid for the premium account, but, frankly, I don't understand what is the advantage of Evernote over, say, Google Doc. I start to realize, that it is probably just a gigantic hype, so will probably migrate my notes elsewhere, before the bubble bursts.
  4. Understood -- but not everybody is online all the time. Just yesterday I wanted to add a note in a subway (no internet there, sorry). Being old school, I saved my note as a text file, too -- otherwise I would have just lost it, and evernote didn't even warn me. I would consider this a bug (or annoying feature ). Having a decent native client would solve this (yes, I'm running linux). A web-app that works offline would help as well -- is this being planned perhaps?
  5. eatags are a possible workaround, but I don't have too good experience with them for two reasons: once the formula is translated to an image, one can no longer edit itthe image is not very pretty and is quite a lot displaced (it's position is one line above where it's supposed to be) I'm using Evernote in a browser, people with native app may have a different experience. In plain html I have good experience with writing math using standard tex notation (like $\sqrt{5}$) and adding a javascript that uses MathJax to replace this with the proper formula. For me at least, this would be the optimal behaviour: for editing, just use plain old tex notation, for view use MathJax. Now's the time for a question: is it possible to do this in Evernote using some sort of workaround (browser extesion, etc.)? Is there any chance that some functionality like this will be added to the "official Evernote"? Thanks for comments.
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