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  1. I tried to use eatags for a bit, but it just is not the real thing. For one, the resulting images of the formulas are not as pretty as in mathjax, say. But mainly, one can't edit formula -- so if I have some long ugly awesome formula and I discover later on that I made a typo in it, I have to retype the whole thing. It was a dealbreaker for me, may be for others it is not so bad. Obviously, the proper solution is to allow for a mathjax javascript to run on evernote posts. Tried this for a while (via Tampermonkey), but failed ...
  2. I would not recommend using Thinkery, it seems like all development stoped in 2014. There has been no communiction from them in over a year. Having all my personal info in a system that doesn't seem to be maintained isn't something I would recommend. Funny thing. I am trying out Evernote, even a paid version, but I'm worried to really put my notes there from precisely this reason -- I don't want to invest time into company that may cease to exist. From my point of view, I care about linux version and -- if not possible -- about web client that is full-featured and works offline
  3. Native client would be best, but at least a web client that does everything is a must for serious work. By everything I mean at least: offline work, easy back-up of my database, and, well, all the features of a windows client -- randomly I found, that one cannot link from one note to another, except in windows client. I paid for the premium account, but, frankly, I don't understand what is the advantage of Evernote over, say, Google Doc. I start to realize, that it is probably just a gigantic hype, so will probably migrate my notes elsewhere, before the bubble bursts.
  4. Understood -- but not everybody is online all the time. Just yesterday I wanted to add a note in a subway (no internet there, sorry). Being old school, I saved my note as a text file, too -- otherwise I would have just lost it, and evernote didn't even warn me. I would consider this a bug (or annoying feature ). Having a decent native client would solve this (yes, I'm running linux). A web-app that works offline would help as well -- is this being planned perhaps?
  5. eatags are a possible workaround, but I don't have too good experience with them for two reasons: once the formula is translated to an image, one can no longer edit itthe image is not very pretty and is quite a lot displaced (it's position is one line above where it's supposed to be) I'm using Evernote in a browser, people with native app may have a different experience. In plain html I have good experience with writing math using standard tex notation (like $\sqrt{5}$) and adding a javascript that uses MathJax to replace this with the proper formula. For me at least, this would be the optim
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