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  1. re: evernote app, latest, Apple Store version, Evernote LAGS horribly and for the first time, the only time in years - four or five or six years - that I have been using Evernote, I am thinking about bailing on the program. This has been going on for months. Macbook Pro Retina, (latest model), 16 gigs RAM, 100 gigs free space on HD, latest OS. Using Evernote Web portal is not a solution to the fact that Evernote as an app LAGS WAY WAY WAY behind my typing. I have been paitiently waiting for the last couple of months for this to be fixed. Evernote team, you should consider it an emergency if a true believer such as I am is losing faith in your platform. I have 20,000 notes in 110 notebooks with 200 tags. I suggest you: institute an urgent program to fix this, and meanwhile post a handy guide to the workaround. Admit the problem. [Evernote on my iPhone 6 with 128 gigs of memory, all notes stored on the phone, works fine. Whatever lagginess is there does not bother me.]
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