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  1. I am a Premium user and when I click the 3-dot menu icon on the attachment and select 'View' I do not get a list of apps I prefer to use, and I have Adobe Acrobat installed. Everytime I try and just view any of the .pdf's in my notes I am taken immediately to an "Install Skitch" page and I do not want to install Skitch as I do not plan on doing any annotations. Essentially Evernote has now taken away my ability to view pdf's directly in the app, which is extremely frustrating as I have lost a major feature of Evernote I love which is to store and view pdfs. The only think I can think of why I may be getting a different result than you and cannot see other apps such as Adobe to use as my viewer, is I just finished installing CamScanner. Maybe this app has done something to my Evernote settings.
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