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  1. At the risk of repeating myself. I use my Jot Script a lot and I don't have connection problems at all, but I don't use Penultimate anymore. IMHO Penultimate has a bad implementation of the Adonit Job API. Try an other App and I bet it will work much better. I use GoodNotes and it works really flawless.
  2. Hi, I also bought the Jot Script a few weeks ago. First to say, I use it with my iPad 3 and I have absolutly no problems with the Bluetooth connection. But I also have issues with the offset between the Stylus tip and where the line apears on the screen with Penunltimate. I did some tests and found out that this offset only occurs if the stylus is paired via bluetooth. If you switch off bluetooth on the ipad, the there is no offset anymore and the writing is accurate. But if you switch off bluetooth the automatic palm rejection in penultimate does not work anymore (but it doesn't work very w
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