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  1. Problem solved, I had a lot of duplicated notes in my trash. That was the reason that my limit was my limit was immediatley used up at the start of the next month period. I now emptied the trash and all new notes were synchronized then.
  2. Hello thanks for replying. I restarted the desktop application but it didn't solve the problem. That the counter of the desktop application is incorrect doesn't explain how after waiting 21 days the remaining days until reset on the server was still 26 days. 21 + 26 = 47 days. That is much more than a month.
  3. Hello, i uploaded by accident some notes I didn`t want to uplaod. As a consequence my monthly upload limit of 60 MB was used. Normally the upload limit is no problem for me. At my desktop installation the number of days remaining in the month period was displayed. First it was about 21 days remaining, so I waited until 0 days rremaining were displayed. But even after waiting two days more I couldn' synchronize my account. See screenshot below: Then I checked in evernote online and there was displayed in teh account summary: "60 MB (100 %) remaining in this month Your monthly c
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