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  1. I also have this problem with linking evernote notes in Todoist. Doesn't work on my brand new MacBook pro with latest Catalina. I just switched from windows to Mac a few months ago. Using windows I became dependent on linking notes from Todoist. On my new mac it doesn't work. Seems like evernote:// is not getting registered as a protocol. There is a way to do it manually, looks complicated.
  2. +1 I agree that this would be very useful and should be a high priority feature. And... the base framework already supports it! Since Evernote uses HTML as its underlying markup, it already supports heading styles. All they need to do is implement the UI widgets to allow insertion of the <h> tags. To show that it already supports heading styles, I did this test: Create an HTML file with heading styles (1, 2, and 3) and regular text (I used Sea Monkey editor) Open the HTML file with a browser Copy the content from the browser to a new Evernote note. Note that the Evernote editor renders the heading styles correctly Optional: Format > Simplify Formatting (makes it easier to view the ENEX data) Export the note to ENEX View the ENEX in text editor Note the <h1> <h2> <h3> styles in the exported note markup So... how about adding a simple drop down list to create those styles? The table of contents generator is a great idea as a follow on. As an example, Evernote developers could look at the table-of-contents generator in Sea Monkey's WYSIWYG HTML editor (formerly Mozilla suite, open source). MS Word and Google Docs also have TOC generators. Incidentally... if you want to have heading styles and table of contents in your notes, the Sea Monkey editor is an option. You just have to copy/paste the note content into Sea Monkey to edit it. Then copy it back. Not elegant. I attached my HTML test file HeadingTest.html
  3. I just upgraded to the latest release problem is still there
  4. @jshanker: I tried disabling Windows Error Reporting Service per your instructions. Both before and after reboot I still have the "losing focus" problem 100% of the time I open a note. Thanks for trying anyway! Still hoping for an easy fix since Evernote is not fixing it.
  5. I submitted a bug ticket and got a reply saying they are aware of the problem and are working on it. No anticipated release date yet. Ticket# 2487562 - Note loses focus when editing
  6. I still have this problem 100% of the time I search for a note, open it, and try to add text. Very Annoying, please fix this! Repro steps: Win-Shift-F (search) Type search term + Enter double click on note click the note where I want to edit, start typing => focus is immediately lost and none of the new text is accepted. latest version: (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) windows 8
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