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  1. Hey all, thanks for the feedback. Now I know to constantly sync as I add data. However still trying to figure out why Evernote as a company would not design its applications to behave like a Google doc which automatically saves to the cloud pretty much instantly as I write new data.
  2. Very helpful. Thank you. I now see the obvious: I need to manually sync on either device immediatley after updating new info to a note. Unfortunately I often need to suddenly switch to another activity and minimize the Evernote application, again assuming that a cloud based automatic sync is occurring, or that, minimally, the new info is temporarily safeguarded until the next sync happens. Suddenly all of my vanishing data over the years is explained. Nevertheless I find i hard to believe that Evernote would not behave as a Google doc which automatically saves to the cloud almost instantly as a write new data. Why does this not happen?
  3. I am running my evernote account on two devices iphone and PC. I will add content (written) to the same note at different times from either device. Content that I add from either device has vanished. Sometimes I add content to a note on a device but forget to sync or assume a sync takes place automatically. I may then add content to the same note on the other device and then hit the sync button. Would this then result in an overwrite on the other device? I am looking into sync settings and don't see how to configure this not to happen. I assumed that like most cloud service Evernote automatically syncs or saves any newly inputted data regardless of the device. Was very shocked when a long piece of written material was missing from a note. Please help. Thanks
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