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  1. Thanks for your responses. BurgersNFries - I DO have access to the email that I used to set up evernote. I entered my (Valid) email address in the forgot password page on the web and pressed reset but Evernote never sent me a reset email message. (and yes I did look in my spam folder). I have tried this numerous times. There's not even a confirmation that an email was sent - it just takes you back to the 'forgot password' page. That IS Evernotes fault not mine I would have thought. I've raised a ticket and can only hope they will get back to me but in the meantime if anyone else has any pa
  2. I created a free account on my Windows machine and created a load of important notes and stored them locally. However I recently logged out of Evernote but forgot my password so I tried the 'Forgot Password' tab and entered my username and hit Reset. BUT, I keep getting an error 'Can't connect to server. please try again later'. I have been tryoing for the past 3 days and still get this error. I even tried the weppage to reset my password and no verification email has ever been sent!!! So, basically I'm completely helpness now with no way to access my notes. If I ever recover my notes I'm goin
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