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  1. Also at the bottom of my notes I often see "Show..." which opens up for an ad for Premium. I don't like seeing this at the bottom of my notes. I've been a paid user (now Plus) for years. I just want my plain notes.
  2. You are a God! I have searched for ages and was doing all sorts of work-arounds but this is perfect!!! Thank you so much for this tool!!
  3. The way it USED to work: When I selected "Click to add tags" and typed a character, ONLY THOSE TAGS which started with that character displayed in the drop-down list. So if I had 1-Today as a tag, I'd only need to type "1" and 1-Today would show in the drop-down list. I'd use my arrow to select the tag and it was really really fast and uncluttered. The way it works NOW (current version When I select "Click to add tags" and type a character, ALL TAGS that include the character is displayed in the drop-down list. So if I have "Errand" as a tag, and I type "E" - every tag which includes the letter "E" is displayed in the drop-down list. This significantly changes my workflow. To add insult to injury, the tag dropdown list is sorted alphabetically, so the very tag I am searching for may now be far down the list. Instead of having Errand at the top of the list, I see !Tuesday and other tags which I have carefully set up for sorting purposes. This means I now have to type nearly the whole tag in order to display it. Not only that, but using the arrow key to quickly select the tag doesn't really work; it seems to add a new tag instead of selecting the existing tag. Dear Evernote developers: We set up systems and habits using Evernote; we have our workflows carefully set up to make things easier and more productive. If you go changing something so integrated into the system, PLEASE make it an OPTION or a SETTING. E.g. have a setting "Show all tags using letter in dropdown?" I am a premium customer and I want to be able to know that I'm not going to have to redo things when an update rolls along.
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