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  1. Nope ... this is GREAT from my end team. For whatever reason, I didn't initially see some of your more focused responses to the issue. Sorry for the BARK - and glad to hear you're on it )
  2. Is anyone from EverNote reading this feedback ? Will we ever get a decent response on this one (as in "it's here to stay, shut up" ... or "we hear you .... we're working on it")? I see a lot of your non-amateur / power users took a lot of time to share thoughtful, specific examples & feedback around this chat / sharing fiasco. I'm starting to feel like EverNote's not valuing the gift of legitimate feedback from their most passionate followers. EverNote .... can we at LEAST have a real response that doesn't duck the gist of 3-months of consistently negative feedback here ? Or .... would you suggest we start sharing better tool options in your forums ? Please just share a thoughtful reply ... as we have with you !!!
  3. Hey Team ! Think about the impact of "work chat" on your business owner customers who use Evernote to share information with prospects. I'd love to share my notebook of flyers, showing all of my offerings via table of contents ... but NO WAY IN HELL ... am I asking a client to have to join Evernote to do it. "I" ... am your customer ... should these notebooks serve me in how I'd like to use them ? I understand marketing strategies, and the need to sell your stuff, but by demanding new accounts to view / chat around notebooks, you've now just lost the opportunity to WOW my prospect who would have seen all my flyers, table of content - in my "Evernote" notebook. Keep it honest folks. Your comment talking completely around people needing Evernote is total nonsense, and I don't care if Google Docs does the same thing - I'm not using their stuff for a reason. I love Evernote ... but you're making it more difficult for me to use it. No public links I can share .... no customer here.
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