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  1. Turns out it was crashing because I also had Evernote installed on my Apple Watch. Once I uninstalled it from the watch, no more crashes on the iPhone!
  2. I did open a support ticket a week ago; so far, not a peep :-/
  3. My real issue is that I rely on access on my iPhone. My work often takes me (literally) out in the field where i do not (and cannot, for logistical and practical reasons) have access to my laptop or iPad. No matter what I have tried, the app WILL NOT STAY OPEN on my iPhone. No error message comes up because the app crashes too fast. I also have everything backed up, so yes, I still have access through other means but that doesn't help me when I really need it on my phone, which is why I got a Pro account in the first place.
  4. Hey Evernote, I'm still waiting for a response to this issue. Having no access to over 1000 notes on my iPhone is unacceptable. Maybe it's my fault for relying so heavily on your app; if I could find a replacement I'd do it in a minute.
  5. Here we are on October 5th and I just started having this issue. I have an iPhone 6s Plus, and have updated with each iOS 11 release. I am leaving on a trip tomorrow and TODAY this issue starts. I am DOA and a pissed premium user. I rebooted, deleted and reinstalled, and even updated to the latest ios11 patch that just came out after nothing else worked. Still crashing. I have no access to my travel docs now. Not taking a laptop with me. Why am I paying for this again?
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