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  1. Hey Gazumped & Gbarry thanks very much for this- yes I am running on MAC and I have updated the programme via itunes. As I cannot access the evernote menu before it crashes ( as soon as it loads it crashes after 10 seconds) it is hard to check for updates within the application. I have restarted everything etc. . I will look at Grmpy Monkey- any other tips welcome as t has been all day like this now! thanks everyone for your responses! Thanks
  2. Hi thanks for your replt- I have attached a screen shot for you to see! Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, Every time I try to open evernote, it says there is an internal server error- can anyone help as to how I can fix it please? I have reinstalled/restarted/logged out etc and nothing. It just keeps crashing. I am using premium - Any help appreciated, Thanks in advance!
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