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  1. If this all was happening on both the wifi tablet and the data carrier phone I would understand that it may be the cache is not saved and it has to reload the notebooks everytime (of which three are only four and a total of maybe 7 notes all together. But on the tablet with no connection at all this does not happen - all of the notes come up as does Evernote open up to its screen immediately. On a phone with 4G data the app should be working better than it does.
  2. I have Evernote (not premium) on my Android phone running Gingerbread. I also have Evernote running on an Android wifi tablet. When I open Evernote on the phone it always opens to a black screen ane either crashes after a few minutes or after three to five minutes opens to my Evernote notes. On the tablet - which is wifi only and with or without a wifi connection - it always opens immediately to my notes. This is the only app that does this on my phone. It does it on the phone whether the phone is set to my carrier's data (4G) or to wifi. No other app on the phone does this. This makes Evernote on my phone pretty much useless. I wanted to use it to take quick memos and reminders but it takes so long to open to create or view a note that its use is far from practical. I cannot understand why this is happening as it starts immediately on the tablet with no data connection at all or set to wifi. As I understand how Evernote works my notes are on the device offline as well as in the cloud so that they may be acessed and created when no data service is present - they are on my tablet - so why does this happen on the phone? Is there some setting in Evernote that I am missing? Is there something that I can set to not have the phone try to sync with Evernote every time I open the app? Any help would be appreciated. I certainly would not upgrade to Evernote premium if I do not see it work properly on my phone first. Thanks to all for any help you may offer!
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