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  1. @DTLow, It is an overkill feature, not exactly what I was looking for. I was hoping that the software could just stick the notes together when selected so I scan scroll up and down, as simple as that. Regarding representation mode, it takes full screen, not scrollable, takes control away from the notes list, menus, etc.. and it is paid premium feature.
  2. Hello, I am aware of the "merged notes" feature which generates a new note. But the feature I think would be convenient is the ability to temporary merged/concatenated notes in a scrollable fashion when multiple notes are selected. This is useful when representing information for small notes, such as recipes (5 to 10 lines).
  3. Hi, I would like to inquire if Evernote version 7.0 is being developed ? what is the estimated release target date ? (and hold, please just don't reply to tell me that EN doesn't want to discuss release schedule, that is not the point, I need to know if this platform is viable ) Regards, Onenote Fan.
  4. Needs syntax highlight to store programming information, EN will get more sub by having this feature
  5. When reading a PDF document, would you prefer "Single page" (arrow button move) or "Continous" (mouse scrolling) view ? This is the reason of my post, to put all filtered notes in perspective, like as if you could filter the chapters of a document and dynamically create a brand new document just with the sections of your interest.
  6. I would like to remove content pane from Evernote, use snippet view to show full length notes (do not truncate to first N words). This is the only pane needed visible. The top bar is of course search bar to narrow down notes of interest with tag searches, title searches and content searches. If you noticed, the interface is now similar to Tiddlywiki but with Evernote goodness. This is news breaking, eye popping innovation. I don't find the current interface (3 panes, just like Onenote) to be convenient, why do I have to click every single header item to see the content while I can just scroll the mouse ? Evernote one pane, unified view, search & filter to narrow down content, highlight occurrences on scrollbar Tiddlywiki, unfortunately no easy drag & drop operations.
  7. All sorted out. My apology ! Those image notes seem to be from a couple of years ago when I was using Onenote to clip websites' content, and you may already know, Onenote clipped them by images
  8. I tried to export some of my text notes with the same tag, set the output to HTML, MHT... but all of them appeared to be embedded in an image. Why is that ? Say if the output is set to be .enex , then if there is a chance I would like to import back, would the tags structure be reserved ? Thanks !
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