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  1. Jayarivera: This is now in Beta -- 6 colors.
  2. Jefito: Hooray!!! Although I can't see your graphic or go to your link (I am not allowed access because I'm not in the "Evernote Exclusive Preview") but I am in the regular beta, I guess, and color highlights are there!!! In fact, if you highlight a note in a color other than the standard yellow, it will sync that color over to the desktop and Android versions even though those colors are "not available". It has taken at least 6 years, but it is finally being done.
  3. Thanks dconnet! Installing now.
  4. Which version is that? And where can I get it at this point? I have install files for (Production) and (Beta 3, I believe).
  5. I think I had 4 crashes yesterday. So frequent I've had to reinstall the production version and will re-join the beta after the next update. I was watching a webinar and trying to take notes and it crashed at least 3 times so I couldn't get the notes -- had to use the web version.
  6. I am seeing a lot of crashes, but I can't identify any consistent pattern to when or what I'm doing.
  7. Thanks. That cleaned it up and, because I downloaded the version from the website, I have the "Check for Updates" button.
  8. Thanks, dconnet. I don't understand why I get different version numbers from the Help - About and from the Uninstall.
  9. Austin, The version I put in my previous post was copied directly from the "About" option on help. However when I use your suggested method I get this: Hope this helps
  10. Austin, I am running (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) on a Windows 10 64-bit platform. There is no option under Help to "Check for Updates"
  11. Wow, since 2013 this has been asked for and never delivered. Shows why management needed changing, but the question is will the corporate culture change and become responsive to users -- the real ones who make the company go as opposed to investors. I won't become a premium user again until I see real change (I left in July 2016 because of the lack of responsiveness and feature changes customers wanted, but leadership who still wanted to drastically increase the price -- I am willing to pay for value, but can't see the value equation, yet). Time will tell. I'd say it has to be within 6 months from now.
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