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  1. Also in Sierra, up and down arrow keys have had scroll direction inverted when attempting to move around inside a PDF annotation window (perhaps this is some weird interpretation of 'natural scrolling'?) Left and right arrow keys are fine.
  2. Please note, this fullscreen annotation overlay bug from Beta 3 still exists in 6.10:
  3. That ghosted outline stays in place despite scrolling, annotating etc (the equivalent of CSS fixed positioning).
  4. Annotation now works past the first page but only if pages are moved through by clicking on previews in the sidebar. There's also now an issue of buggy UI in fullscreen view as per screenshot attached - looks like an outline of the page ghosted on top?
  5. I'm aware of the standalone Skitch app but it's frankly sub-par and doesn't look like it's been updated in years. I was mid-way through noting and highlighting 35-odd pages the other day using it and, following it crashing, the PDF had vanished.
  6. This is not a workaround for any scanned PDF where highlighting is required. The majority of the annotations I need to make with Evernote are scanned passages from books - these have no discernible characters to Preview so cannot be highlighted.
  7. @BSR PDF annotation remains broken (only first page can be highlighted) for Sierra users in Beta 2 as per: http://citeth.is/aP
  8. I'm running Beta 2 and this issue is unresolved; like many Evernote users, I rely upon PDF annotation for academic purposes so the total failing of this functionality is wrecking my workflow. Is there any update on a fix seeing as the latest beta has clearly not served this purpose?
  9. +1 This is so annoying, especially with El Capitan's new split screen / full screen functionality where I'd like to be able to make annotations to a PDF in one half of the screen while jotting down notes in the other. Currently, you can put the PDF annotation window full screen but as soon as you attempt to drag a note window next to it the annotate window closes. As I'm presuming the thought behind this is autosave, is there not some way to autosave without closing the whole annotation window as soon as it loses focus? You basically can't use Evernote's PDF Annotator if you need to note at the same time which is such a shame. The only thing you can do is to open the PDF in Preview and then make highlights in that, but the functionality doesn't compare to Evernote's Skitch-based solution.
  10. Love the new markdown integration. Just one thing for now: strikethrough seems inconsistent when apostrophes are included, particularly if they're placed at the end of the text.
  11. Could you add the ability to pin or star notes that are frequently accessed to the top of a notebook? Timetables, course plans and essay plans are just some examples of where this might come in handy, allowing much quicker access once inside the correct notebook but keeping everything below sorted by order of last update.
  12. Please can you stop the 'edit' link on Wiki articles appearing when saving an article as 'Simplified Article'? As you can see from the screenshots, it makes for unreadable subtitles throughout a given article. If we're saving a wiki article in 'simplified' format, we don't want 'edit' functionality. Thanks.
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