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  1. In a note, when choosing tags it is in alphabetic order. And with 2000+ note so quick On the line above the tags i type the first letter and get a shorter list. Tags I use very often I put a "!" before so the come high in the list. In this order. Yes I looks weird but it works on daily basis ! ? . @ + and then numbers
  2. If it was Android I would like to test first a week or two. And pay for the use. I pay for good apps. Evernote, some third part apps to Evernote, so way not pay for yours?
  3. I have the latest off. Android version and checkboxes. Samsung galaxy S4 and TabPro 8.4 http://www.evernote.com/l/AQJegA26Ye5FuKoMqyyGiiRzyYoYGEWQ_1Q/
  4. Monday morning... Just saying

  5. 6 GB memory to my computer is on its way!

  6. Daystar up - Morticia down

  7. I send tree diffrent Incl one of my template
  8. And date is like this in the note YY/MM/DD but the 1999-01-01 just appear 2015/06/11, 1999-01-01 13:05:37+00:00
  9. When connecting to Evernote "Send to author app" this popups on a red plate in the upper corner on the right of my screen Error on load a EvernoteNotebooks And Checkbox Choose required but even if I check it will gave this message "Field is required."
  10. Hi I can't choose notebook And nothing sends to evernote. But its looks good. Very good.
  11. And today KustomNote closed. And Transpose open Same username, same password But you'll need to reconnect Evernote to your new Transpose account, but the experience should be seamless after that. I'm an user not employed and can't give any support
  12. KustomNote Is now Transpose!

  13. KustomNote is in coma?!

  14. Already 4 in the morning?!

  15. Now my bank got all my tax refunds.

  16. And now I tried to find it on my old tablet but nope. Could be the reminder settings (Web Evernote) are set to be in wrong city?
  17. I've searched in my settings in Evernote in both phone and tablet and I can't find anywhere to change 12/24 h.
  18. Nothing It's how it have been in my phone and tablet since beginning In the phone/tablet the only way to change it was in the units setting. 12/24 hour In Evernotei can't find any settings for time at all
  19. For me I needed to unshare some years ago. Nice if it's possible to just deleted it like any other notebook.
  20. Exactly. I use old in this computer to my account and the new clean beta in the laptop with a work related account
  21. As long as you share the notebook it will come back. Unshare to get rid of it
  22. Tax refund this week!

  23. I tried on my phone and tablet (both Android 4.4.2 and the latest Evernote) and 18:32 works fine
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