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  1. Hi! First about share from Premium to Basic http://www.evernote.com/l/AQK1RAVnLEdAuLyVwN_3waMSvYr8aDQ5F0I/ I share some notebooks with read-only. And the notes inside them can't the user move. With share and edit the Basic account can move notes If the receptive account move a note a warning pop-up about Notes URL and history. I leave the rest of your questions to members which have more knowledge in the subject
  2. The local stays on your computer. The synced can you access to from phone, tablet.
  3. I use Windows so DevonThink isn't any options at all. If you give Evernote and tags a try, start tag from the beginning. You can change name on a tag later if you're not sure about its name. A tips is using shortcuts to tags you often need access to.
  4. Delete the tags on the archived notes; after all the work you did to get the information into Evernote? I can understand the tags would add some additional clutter and noise to your search results, but the tags can still be useful. If I don't want archived notes showing up in a search, I would add the search term -tag:Arkiv Some other reasons to keep tags on archived notes: 1. The search term might be misspelled: search term: "Moammar Gaddafi" actual spelling: "Muammar al-Gaddafi" or "Muammar Gaddafi" or "Moammar Gadhafi" or "Moammar Qaddafi" The tag: Gaddafi would cover all these legitimate variations. 2. The same sort of problems arises with honorifics. Consider the different ways the media reports on Barack Obama. Is it the President?, the leader of the free world?, the commander-in-chief?, or the commander in chief (with no hyphens)?, or POTUS? All of these possibilities make a search more difficult and less accurate. A single tag nails it. I understand it would be too much work to add tags back to the archived notes you already have, but you might want to consider keeping the tags on notes you archive in the future. The drawback is that you will need to include the search term -tag:Arkiv more often, but your search results accuracy will increase. This is just my opinion. Your method might be fine for your use of Evernote. I realize that remove tags sounds very dramatic! Archive for me is like the brown cheap box you put in the basement or storage. If I need to find something faster or easier I don't move to my archive. I have most local. Most in the archive is merge logs. And first edition of notes. Before untag I put them in a temp notebook and export with tags. Just in case. And last year one have been retaged and moved back. Everything I may need still have all tags. No matter age or subject. I have all in or from my life in Evernote. So I have tags in various subject, all from financial documents (most invoice ),color to medicine and work related. In many levels. Without my tags I can't find anything quick enough.
  5. I use many notebooks. Around 150. Since it's not possible to just share a some notes in the notebook I needs duplicates of 10. Some approximate 10 are for temporally use, from a few hours to a week. Collection data, notes and when I've done with them I merge and the notebooks are ready for new name and new notes. I use tags to. And have 2000 +. And struggling to get better with search. But once in a while I want to have boxes to put the stacks in. Archive? Or chapters in the notebooks... Just one level more! I have an archive stack, I delete the tags (keep YYYY-MM and add Arkiv) in notebook when I move them to any notebook in archive. If I need them I have to search.
  6. I like. Last hours I've being resize 40 pictures just because they overflowing the screen. Okay, they scale so I don't have to scroll horizontally, but they was too big. With thumbnail view the big photos could still be in notes. Easy access to the full resolution if I need it.
  7. 22 July. Remember Utöya!

  8. And this is how Evernote show if a notebooks is local or shared http://www.evernote.com/l/AQK1RAVnLEdAuLyVwN_3waMSvYr8aDQ5F0I/
  9. In the menu choose File - New Notebook - New local notebook
  10. Like a boomerang topics quick return...

  11. Hi gazumped, thanks for your reply. It works for taking more than one new pictures, and if I want to pick more than one EXISTING pictures in batch in the album, how? Thanks again! I do like this. Mark the pictures and share to Evernote http://www.evernote.com/l/AQJLj6N70oxKE5zKWL1LQMZpbzMZ3xIT0Vg/
  12. Time for Midsomer murder. A swedish tradition!

  13. Notes and template, Tutorial videos, and more Transpose support Step by step guide to connect Transpose to Evernote (or Google) Connect Transpose to Other Apps and Services Personally I use bookmarks to my template. The two I use daily have on my phone and tablets home-/startpage and as bookmarked tabs in Firefox in my computer. Quick access so I don't postpone anything til later. And forgot it..
  14. I've tags with ^ ~ & # and they work fine. So when tags with only digits with no special characters.isn't working it must be a bug.
  15. Only digits without and special characters. It must be a bug.
  16. Daystar up - Morticia down!

  17. I use Transpose. You can create templates and forms yourself or coping some from the public collection. And modifies it so it's fits your own needs.
  18. over 14000 notes. Time to merge...

  19. I have a free account but found the email address you are talking about, and changed it, I hope this solves the problem. Thanks a lot! You're welcome. I hate spam
  20. Is there any source URL? http://www.evernote.com/l/AQJ86nZpXlFAX5Jz8e0Q7pW4vlz3aBHMlSE/
  21. You maybe need to create a new email address in your Evernote account. The one with username.Figures-and-letters @m.evernote.com, the one you can use to send email to Evernote if you have a plus or premium account.
  22. Can you take a screenshot so we can see the note? That would make it easier to help you
  23. I'm not a historian but I tag all my notes YYYY-MM. I use the same version of Evernote and Windows 7 Pro, I tested my tags YYYY and YYYY-MM and I have no problem finding my notes. It must be a bug.
  24. Windows Backup hate me or my settings. Back to Norton. All cloud and my documents and screenshot, twice a week. And its like me!
  25. I can agree that the language in the message from Evernote is not clear about anything. It's five mail totally. Then you have to become plus or premium user. https://evernote.com/pricing Edit: moved the smile
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