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  1. You can use the webversion https://www.evernote.com/Home.action
  2. Start with one account. And collect pictures and video-shots. And the growing up data, first word and so The first year the are together almost everytime. Later you can create one or two more (for each of them) and export the first account to ENEX and import in their personally account. Tag notes their name, year etc Have fun.
  3. Deleting old email notes will not help. If they are send to the Evernote mail address they are counted
  4. Hi The microphone is behind the green paper clips in the note And if isn't available on the green + (in the right lower corner) for create a new audio note you can press the + little longer and edit it. And adjust to your use. Widgets aren't like other apps. Even if the icon is on one home screen you need to display the widget you would like to use. In Evernote there is some to choose from. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/104076733 Quick Tip: Start using widgets on your Android device
  5. Spam-bots don't care about how and who created the mailaddress. And some use their Evernote-mail to lists and forums just for practical archiving (done that before...) I have one old (tagged 2015-05) clip from Webclipper how still generate notes from time to time. It have been quite for over a week and I got one this afternoon. And I read that Friends and Spotifiy (I don't have any of that, so I don't really know how it work) can share to Evernote So @Deal Me In do you recognize the note from anything?
  6. I've published my diary template https://transpose.com/public/template/dairy-day-note/ Easy to use and config to fit your needs Add more fields if you like. The note have the title YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm AM/PM Diary and the note is editable in Evernote, no disturbing formatting. Easy to add tags. And notebook
  7. Many apps, services, what-ever have "information" on their webs, apps. It's normal. But some compare with ad for food, pink fluffy toilet-paper, soap or eh what-ever...
  8. my mail look like this i add the text first in the mail bar with headings fix evernote and the end http://www.evernote.com/l/AQL12UA-fFNHgqXzQhaKqMc6U8ZEOUouP9g/ I love the spam-warning!
  9. I'm going to check my old tablet. I have a Basic account... have a good night
  10. Okay. I meant that. The header and the end-note seems to be included.
  11. In my settings I have Account Camera Notebooks Notes Work Chat in swedish Guides Syncronize Content
  12. Can you check the settings - Work Chat? There's check box for view and not view work chat
  13. What version of Android do you use? What phone/tablet?
  14. That is spam. Not from Evernote You can test regenerate, reset, change you Evernote email address. username-4hbx24@m.evernotecom https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action Screenshot http://www.evernote.com/l/AQK57sGTDApCor67DAb-8im6BlAv5pIhdWE/
  15. You can change in the settings https://www.evernote.com/PersonalSettings.action so you don't send that ad
  16. Sort notes in notebooks (private, finance, work, bookmark, health and so) 140-160 (have some temporary notebooks) Tags 2000 + YY-MM-DD title in many notes Search daily
  17. Is it a local Notebook? They don't sync and aren't available in other unites then the one they are created in
  18. 13182 including 800 local in Windows And app 2500 is packed in ENEX and deleted from Evernote No lag and locking everything after installing more memory (from 2 GB to 8 GB)
  19. Sorry I missed the link. Good you find it.
  20. I tested the settings. Checked and unchecked the save to gallery in the camera settings. With x the evernote camera save in the folder and I can see in the gallery. If I deleted the folder a new one was created when taking a new pictures. And unchecked no pictures was saved in the folder. If I delete the folder no new was created with settings unchecked. There is some thing with the checkbox in the settings. Some seems to not work. A bug? Yes you can delete the duplicate. If you use some cloud for backup you can check if the pictures are there. I too have to take a couple of shots before I got a sharp scan. But the latest version is quite better then the old ones. I haven't give up once In this version of evernote. (I have no broadband so I'm on my phone and zapping between typ and read your post. Hope I don't miss anything or so)
  21. There was a bug in an older version on Evernote android so it sometimes (for me all times created duplicate pictures) in the picture-folder. Since some month I don't have seen that in the tablet, in the I save on gallery.
  22. I tested a few minutes age. Checked it and scanned todays paper And there they were, just like before. In that folder, showing in the gallery
  23. In Evernote channel in IFTTT open note isn't available.
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