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  1. Hi gazumped, thanks for your reply. It works for taking more than one new pictures, and if I want to pick more than one EXISTING pictures in batch in the album, how? Thanks again! I do like this. Mark the pictures and share to Evernote http://www.evernote.com/l/AQJLj6N70oxKE5zKWL1LQMZpbzMZ3xIT0Vg/
  2. Time for Midsomer murder. A swedish tradition!

  3. Notes and template, Tutorial videos, and more Transpose support Step by step guide to connect Transpose to Evernote (or Google) Connect Transpose to Other Apps and Services Personally I use bookmarks to my template. The two I use daily have on my phone and tablets home-/startpage and as bookmarked tabs in Firefox in my computer. Quick access so I don't postpone anything til later. And forgot it..
  4. Daystar up - Morticia down!

  5. over 14000 notes. Time to merge...

  6. I can agree that the language in the message from Evernote is not clear about anything. It's five mail totally. Then you have to become plus or premium user. https://evernote.com/pricing Edit: moved the smile
  7. I tested for a weekend and get right back to the old one. No merging was one of the reasons. I've merged over 2500 notes since March this year. So the beta version isn't for my way of using Evernote
  8. Wow. Now is all three Androids updated. Like the green offline switch, hard to miss and the symbol for offline when showing the notebook. And to finally see how much space on the phone or tablet the offline notebook take. And the share-symbol is very good in the notebook-show list I would like to disable market. Since I cannot by Evernote Post-It (no delivery to Sweden)! Just like a protest...
  9. Still have the same problem with the internet connection, don't find the DNSserver

  10. If someone not what to have any notebooks offline in their phones, tablets an easy way to delete all the data in to just log out from Evernote and log in again. (I have to to that to fix a problem in both phone and tablet, but it was not fun, took me ages to download and syncing all.)
  11. Now should my broadband works fine.

  12. Hope my broadband will be fixed quick and easy when the technician arrive 9:30am (in 5 hour) s

  13. I don't think I it's a good time idea and have your email in a post.
  14. Hi! Evernote have some guides for users. Evernote support Getting started with Evernote (Mac, Android, Windows desktop, Windows Phone, Windows 8(touch), iPhone/iPad/iPod)
  15. If you haven't export with tags there are no tags in the enex. When you export with tags you can choose not to import the tags
  16. Is this to old? [ios] How to create a new tag in Evernote on iPad? - iOS Help ...
  17. I don't use iPad/Phone. But I'm aware of the differents between the os
  18. Daystar up - Morticia down

  19. TagsTags give you the option of adding keywords to notes in order to improve searchability. One or more tags can be added to a note. Common uses for tags include associating notes with categories, people, memories or locations. To view all of the tags in your Evernote account, tap the Tags panel on the Home Screen Evernote Business users are provided with separate personal and business tag lists. Tap the appropriate Tags List from the Home Screen you would like to edit or manage. Creating or Adding Tags to a NoteTo add a tag to a note, do the following: Open a new or existing note Tap more... located in the top-left corner of the note editor just beneath the Note title Tap Add Tag and begin typing. Existing tags that begin with the same letter(s) will appear as clickable buttons for you to select from. Type a new tag or tap the tag(s) from the options presented Tap anywhere outside of the list of tags to return to the note editor Tap Done when you have finished adding and editing all your tagshttps://evernote.com/evernote/guide/ios/#5
  20. I've been using Do Button since the release. I love it! IF Do Button log And here my shared note with my most used recipe https://www.evernote.com/shard/s258/sh/70cad89f-0caa-4a73-aeac-07312b43206b/d2f8fb88e75feae0
  21. You can log your cigarettes, your coffee, or whatever you wanna track in your daily life. It's easy. Just hit the button on the screen on your phone. No open apps, no settings every time. You need an IFTTT account, and the app Do Button http://www.evernote.com/l/AQJwytifDKpKc66sBzErQyBr0vj7iOdf6uA/ PS: The screenshots is from my private Do Button 1 flaska mat och dryck (Swedish) = A bottle of food and drink (oral nutritional supplement)
  22. Backup time. Need a new external hard drive...

  23. 5:00 monday morning!

  24. I merge daily (or nightly) so Web Beta isn't an alternative for me yet.
  25. Need my broadband - one sync in 5 h isn't okay!

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