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  1. A Twitter-account (if it's not private) and the tweets is searchable on for ex. Google. So it's a possibility that other can find the issue and hopeful a way to solution. If I follow the account and people use tags it's not so hard, I retweet some tweets with issues I know my followers can have. If someone without Twitter will search this URL is okay https://twitter.com/evernotehelps/with_replieseasy to view conversations by click on the tweet In my inbox (mention) so I don't have to read all from the other account to find my answer. I use IFTTT and the mention goes to Evernote... I have use Twitter in six years. And had have conversations with my ISP, bank, landlord and many more. Twitter is one way. Facebook, forum, e-mail, chat are other
  2. Need an example? https://twitter.com/MorticiaB/status/603006939405144064
  3. In my Sunrise I can choose between 6,7,8,9 and 10. To early for me. But Sunrise is its name... settings - preference - alerts - all day events
  4. Before I merge notes I copy them to a notebook called Sammanslagna (Swedish for mergede) If I'm happy with result they are deleted.
  5. I want to know total amount of notes in the notebooks and on my account in all versions (Not only in Web, Windows desktop) And how much data I have on my account. It's not necessary to know how much I use every mount.
  6. From my mail to support: I tried creating a new inbox, move the notes and delete the old in January. I worked for a couple of days But since then all versions been updated, more then once. Done it again tonight. And the old was it contains -13 when it's empty. And now it's gone. Hope for very long time. I hope this will last very long...
  7. Evernote Knowledge Base has a lot of knowledge To create a local notebook: Evernote for Mac: Click File > New Notebook > Local NotebookEvernote for Windows: Click File > New Notebook > New Local NotebookIt isn't possible to change a notebook's type after you've created it. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23196476
  8. And I have contact support and have a ticket number 1088308 (I tweeted it to @evernotehelps)
  9. You got it. It's the upload limit on the Basic account.
  10. And for Androids there's StickyText (for Evernote) It's possible to have more than one active. There is some issue with space between word.
  11. It was 3 in the box, but it says 4 on the top... I discovered it the first time a year ago. And the record i -26 i December, (and not degree cold, Celsius) I realize that the note-count it's not so reliable. Zero-inbox before bed is nice, but minus... I'm going to tweet the account later. And some hour later https://twitter.com/MorticiaB/status/603006939405144064
  12. My computer, tablet and mobile are synced (many times) But I have - 8 in the _inbox in my mobile (4 in reality) Does it mean that I have a note-debt? The computer and the tablet has the correct numbers right now, but maybe not tomorrow. And then it's 137 more notebooks...
  13. Yes. I tried with two tablets, one mobilphone, one laptop and my workstation. I works
  14. Thanks Now I have document camera and Post-It camera on my menu
  15. In the version I use (EN Android the microphone is under the paper clip. A create a new note on + and choose text (if I choose paper clip I can't find the mic) And after the note is created I click on the paper clip and in the menu I find the mic any easier way?
  16. I copy the notes I'll merge to a notebook called "Sammanslagna" (merged) If anytime goes wrong I have the original somewhere
  17. I deleted mine after I check the note so its okay. I sync all pictures with Dropbox and Bix and if I need any old scans I can find them.
  18. I think a lot of people never experiences this. I discovered it last summer in the middle of a deadline. After checking everything I search and find out that it wasn't just me and my stuff. When I search on Twitter I found many users asking what happened with the syncing. Timezone? The maintenance, service start (often) PT (Pacific time UTC-7) between 4 PM and 9 PM. And the weekly maintenance on Wednesday 6PM PT In my local timezone CET (Central European time UTC+2) it's after midnight. Never before. And often close to 3-5 in the morning (I'm night-owl) So I don't think many users in Europe ever sees it. Sometimes the connection is slower and sometimes no connection for approximately 15 minutes. And I've never lost any data. Of course it can be frustrating, but 15 min?! So instead of contact support check if any maintenance or service is causing the slow sync. The trouble I have with my Internet connection (since January) effect all servers like a bad roller coaster. On Monday a service technician will check this and I hope I got the Broadband I pay for soon. While I wrote this connection drop 3 times. Notepad is a safe friend when just IPS have trouble. When I really need connect I use my mobile Broadband and it's slow and expensive.
  19. Every week Evernote runs some service, maintenance Meanwhile the server is often impossible to connect to. There is some way to get information about it. So if you can't sync check these out This web http://status.evernote.com/ RSS http://status.evernote.com/rss Or Twitter I use Twitter a lot, daily and I follow the account https://twitter.com/EvernoteStatus (You can bookmark the URL if you not use Twitter) In my mobile and tablet I get notifications when the account tweets information. The star on the picture is the setting to notification in Twitter, yellow is on. I call this 15 minutes for break-time!
  20. What I remember - immediately Did you close Evernote and start it again?
  21. I've got three tickets. fre 1 maj 2015 12:58 Subject: Ticket# 1045696 - Update on your Evernote account activity tis 5 maj 2015 14:26 Subject: Ticket# 1052940 - Uppdatering om aktiviteten på ditt Evernote-konto tis 5 maj 2015 14:26 Subject: Ticket# 1052941 - Uppdatering om aktiviteten på ditt Evernote-konto Explain or excuse I was going to import a folder to a notebook. And forgot to check the amount of data. I copy the folder to my desktop (windows) and import the nestled folders to some notebook. Fine. But soon I realize that something was wrong... Nothing sync After a while I've got the first pop-up like the one in https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/83923-unlimited-upload-isnt-unlimited/?p=358513 Approximated 4000 files, 7 GB, so I really understand that it caused trouble Now is all files up and I'm never ever going to do it again. Next time I check the folders before 2015-06-15 04:05 It was 9 GB not 7. It took me one week to clean my Evernote account and computer (the reason why it was happened was a huge backup in wrong folder. I lost 3 important notes totally. All was recovered 6/6 from an ENEX archive. I do backups very often since 1996
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