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  1. This is an automatic email that goes out whenever we detect a high amount of upload in a short period of time. I apologize for any confusion that the automatic email or the support response created, but it was mostly a friendly reminder of account health and best uses. As you already know, we do have user guidelines that can be referenced if you find yourself running into this issue again. Everything should be fine in your account, but if you please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or additional concerns. It alerted me so I stop the rest of the 29 GB...
  2. I know why I got them. At least after a while. But you should contact support.
  3. Yes. 7 weeks ago. "Unlimited Upload" isn't unlimited - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/83923-unlimited-upload-isnt-unlimited/?p=358540 I think I got five or six over the weekend It was 9 GB not 7. It took me one week to clean my Evernote account and computer (the reason why it was happened was a huge backup in wrong folder. I lost 3 important notes totally. All was recovered 6/6 from an ENEX archive. I do backups very often since 1996
  4. I send tree diffrent Incl one of my template
  5. And date is like this in the note YY/MM/DD but the 1999-01-01 just appear 2015/06/11, 1999-01-01 13:05:37+00:00
  6. When connecting to Evernote "Send to author app" this popups on a red plate in the upper corner on the right of my screen Error on load a EvernoteNotebooks And Checkbox Choose required but even if I check it will gave this message "Field is required."
  7. Hi I can't choose notebook And nothing sends to evernote. But its looks good. Very good.
  8. And today KustomNote closed. And Transpose open Same username, same password But you'll need to reconnect Evernote to your new Transpose account, but the experience should be seamless after that. I'm an user not employed and can't give any support
  9. And change to Windows only to use Nitro is probably not an options?
  10. Adobe Reader for Macintosh http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?platform=macintosh&product=10 Soda PDF Reader For Mac OS X http://sodapdf.com/products/mac Haihaisoft Reader For Mac http://www.haihaisoft.com/PDF_Reader_download.aspx Xpdf http://foolabs.com/xpdf/ Kdan PDF Reader https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id615956269?mt=12 A clound-webtool (Don't think it's possible to write to this EN) https://www.cutepdf-editor.com/edit.asp
  11. I search and no. It was supposed to release last year. But there is none. Yet. There is other alternative if the most common adobe reader not do the jobs as you like
  12. I share some notebooks (with people how just using tablets or phone) and emojis in the title are not fun in desktop. In the note I can be more understanding and let they stay But titles - no way...
  13. A few hours ago I updated some note with new pdfs. All looks fine. In Windows I can see the content as usual and in the Androids the icon with title of an attachment. But one pdf gave Missing viewer for a resource of type "application/pdf" in one note. But not in the other... Some pdf! Both in Windows and the 3 Androids I deleted and drag it in again from desktop and now it's fine in all units. Weird!
  14. More info (I'm on my phone and it's hard to do nice links) https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51807-best-practices-submitting-a-support-ticket/#entry254984
  15. When I put my phone on my knee this was written. I moved it to the notebook with the perfect name "?" https://www.evernote.com/shard/s258/sh/1698ef3c-1740-4398-af34-2cb788241223/f83b028e9797fa048751865470eac626
  16. And now I tried to find it on my old tablet but nope. Could be the reminder settings (Web Evernote) are set to be in wrong city?
  17. I've searched in my settings in Evernote in both phone and tablet and I can't find anywhere to change 12/24 h.
  18. Nothing It's how it have been in my phone and tablet since beginning In the phone/tablet the only way to change it was in the units setting. 12/24 hour In Evernotei can't find any settings for time at all
  19. For me I needed to unshare some years ago. Nice if it's possible to just deleted it like any other notebook.
  20. Exactly. I use old in this computer to my account and the new clean beta in the laptop with a work related account
  21. As long as you share the notebook it will come back. Unshare to get rid of it
  22. I have tested many prefix, ! _ - and all works fine I have _inbox now
  23. I tried on my phone and tablet (both Android 4.4.2 and the latest Evernote) and 18:32 works fine
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