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  1. Have you tried to reauthorized Evernote and Pocket? When my Evernote recipe didn't work it was because the authorizing has passed
  2. And this is my first public template Food/meal log https://transpose.com/public/template/template_6629d851-2/ And my tweets about it https://twitter.com/MorticiaB/status/615642462892101633?s=09
  3. Now my private computer is updated to 5.8.11 The installation didn't accepted my database folder (I have Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Bix (cloud) in another folder than the installation put they) So its created a new folder. (Over a year since the installation did that) When I change the settings in Evernote its write over my old. And after closing Evernote and move the backup I was ready to sync. But by then my Internet-connection was sleeping... --- Break / paus --- Now everything is synced Without any conflicts and lost notes.
  4. Web clipper in my Firefox http://www.evernote.com/l/AQKrJAw8QSFG94gTQaz-t13tp3gqyV1G2KM/ And if I open the picture in high resolution shows 1637x2952 px 5 MB http://www.evernote.com/l/AQLiVIimd6NK1IuEVJVVzoijjzBXTp27f04/ The first screen-shot are from the website with menus The second on the open picture All in jpg When I drag from Firefox to Evernote the picture appears as bmp http://www.evernote.com/l/AQInMgU7Hl5MLI7vrCchABNx67rwvySuPFg/
  5. Yes, especially if the databases is on another space and default and the new installation write over all Without backups I've lost all my local notebooks by now
  6. I'm backing up the databases right now. And the new version is ready on my disk to be installed very soon
  7. I merge notes often, like archives. And JMichael's idea is more readable, no huge headline disturbing. And if the colored bars was optional, sometimes it's practical to mark the new note, people can choose.
  8. Hi Morticia Are you having issues scrolling your notes that were clipped from the web? If so, could you tell me if you clipped them from the web clipper on your phone, or from your desktop machine. Hi again Now I updated to 7.0.6 and still no scroll. Tested with new clip from computer. Same webpage. But the scroll stop at the same spot.
  9. For me, how spend over 6 year on Twitter, its looks like an ordinary conversation discussion something or asking for support. (not all tweets is about what someone eating, wearing, thinking, wanting, dreaming etc) It's rare that one single tweet is enough in support-issues. A couple of followups and "give me more info" and of cause "thanks, you're welcome". Like an old phone-call (in the mid 90's I work as a support-technician, and have some wag memory) It's complement not a replacement to mail with long description of many details.
  10. Hi MorticiaAre you having issues scrolling your notes that were clipped from the web? If so, could you tell me if you clipped them from the web clipper on your phone, or from your desktop machine. Hi The clip stop scroll down after 1/3 (approximately) The clip was from my computer http://www.prisjakt.nu/produkt.php?j=2802785,2791583,3024446 (I compare phones to a relative) The clips from the phone works fine
  11. 5-10 per month? The note from the mail... The Evernote payment plan is the biggest problem right now. Probably because many users just discovered the change by surprise. The mail just didn't work any longer. Pay if you want to keep the feature or you have to use copy / past for your few notes from mail. Or find another app. This users have use the mail to note and like to continue, but for free. I used Evernote free, now Basic, for some mouths before I payed. I think the majority of the private users tried first. Everybody are free to stay on Basic and use the features that are included now. It will be changed again. To what I don't know. Apps change often, sometimes I don't like it and sometimes I like it. If it's bugs and issues with function I contact the company. If it's missing features and I need them I search for a new app. Or if the apps are affordable I pay. Edit: I use a two languages keyboard app. Sometimes some words get mixed up.
  12. I have never had any contact with that company. Hope they can give you a quick answer
  13. Go launcher have mail on the apps page on Google play. Scroll down and you can see it
  14. All (20+ on 9 home screen) my widgets messed up a week ago when Go Launcher updated. I deleted all. Didn't need to uninstall just drag to trash. And put in new ones. Today go launcher put out a new version. And its raised my heart rate but no widgets need to be fixed I restart the phone and ask new widgets was there Have you tried just to delete and put in again
  15. I'm doing the same. Both for quick access to my latest change and don't miss others. The little satiliteicon is useful but everything alert, my sharing, my conflicts, etc so some day it's always blue
  16. Yes. Would make it much easier to find out. But I have not found that feather yet.
  17. Do you mean like this How do I subscribe to or unsubscribe from reminders and email alerts? In the desktop-version in Win and Mac there is a little icon like a satellite, when this change color (in Windows to blue) there have been some activity on my account or in shared notebooks/notes http://www.evernote.com/l/AQKTambPgipIVJC9yKUDXiuYY2RN2cMPBjo/
  18. I like this method Save notebook and tag list. In same textfile http://www.evernote.com/l/AQKDaNQa1E5FoqbfzakoTm9ZU1jfMOxq9EI/
  19. In Android there is an app called Copy2Evernote it sends all copied text (with some limit) to a new note in Evernote. And often multiplical a. Very annoying and very useful. With a separate notebook and regular deleting the app can be useful.
  20. That ruled out your Androids. Lollipop have/had some issue with Evernote. The camera freeze in some gadget.
  21. Does both phone and tablet freeze? Sound like its time for support Here is a great text how to do that! Best practices: submitting a support ticket
  22. Your welcome Nice. I put a screenshot above just in case.
  23. In the app Evernote Widget I find some widget, one list and one car (the one you describe) By deleting the one you have and add the list I will be solved? (I use Go Launcher in my phone and tablet) http://www.evernote.com/l/AQI-FwD54WBBzI1Anu_KX2LDkKExSgC0KhU/
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